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Forum Post: The Omnist Theory

Posted 8 years ago on March 31, 2012, 8:32 p.m. EST by Philosopher215 (4)
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To the Democrats, Liberals, Moralists, Socialists, and all those of the “Left” in general

I have for years seen those of the “Right” repeatedly tell us all how utterly fail our plan is. How insane it is too seek to use central governmental control, law, and regulation to fix the worlds moral problems and achieve the Moralistic agenda of a more peaceful, free, and moral society / world.

I have always found this to be quite odd, as they will explain how our plan is fail… but never propose a better plan to achieve the Moralists goals. Stranger still, is the fact that our goals, the goals of the Left and the Right are not mutually exclusive (meaning we can achieve both simultaneously… they are not as oil and water). If the Lefts plan is so bad and will not work… why not show the Left a better plan? Give them a superior path to achieving their goals rather than just telling them that they are dumb?

Omnistic Theory investigates the possibility of both the Left and Right being able to mutually and simultaneous achieve both our goals simultaneously… for one a goal of Morality and Prosperity, for the other a goal of Freedom and Prosperity.

The Great Stalemate On all fronts, in all nations, both the goals of the Left and the Right are stalemated politically. We are stalemated politically not because our goals are fundamentally apposed to each other, like oil and water, but because the Left can currently see only one path to solving the worlds problems and achieving it’s agenda. That path, that method, is painfully dynamically apposed to the goals of the Right. What the Left and Right desire might not be like oil and water… but the current method Moralists everywhere are laboring under is as oil to the Rights water… and so we have conflict.

As such, even if the Lefts plan was brilliant and would work, those that desire Freedom have no choice but to oppose it. Thus the Left will always have 40 to 50% of national population resistance, making it nearly impossible for those of the Left to achieve their agenda in a free political system. Even worse is the fact that those of the Right have had to side with our mutually hated enemy, Big Business and corrupted Capitalism, to appose the Moralist agenda.

While we politically stalemate THEY are the ones running our country… furthering our inability to achieve anything… Left or Right… all the while our country is dieing, slowly, to the disease of corrupt Capitalism.

By my estimates The Republican Party in American are at about a 50% corporate corruption rate, while The Democratic Party is only at about around the 25% mark. I.E. about 50% of the Right will is done in politics and the rest is Big Business. This easily makes The Republican the number 1 propionate of corporate corruption in American politics. Hence those of the Left feel that the Right is their enemy when really what has happened is that those of the Right have been placed in a “rock and hard place” senareo. The rock of swift and certain doom of the Liberal plan… and the hard place of the slow demise of corrupted capitalism.

We of the Left have alienated the Right from us and our combined political agenda of Morality, Prosperity, and Freedom… and in so doing have caused them to become the political pawn of our mutual enemy.

Omnistic Theory and solutions is an ongoing investigation into how we can achieve our combined agenda simultaneously so that we can at last get things truly done in America and worldwide.

See the fallowing links for the actual political / economic / social writings and tell us what you think. Omnism is literally out to save the world.

Omnistic Theory http://theomnist.com/page8.php The Omnist Manifesto http://theomnist.com/page1.php

“I have no hope for the world without Omnism, for I can now see clearly that there is no hope for Freedom or Moralism if Omnism fails.” Philosopher 215



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