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Forum Post: The New World Order [not a c/t]

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 11, 2012, 3:11 p.m. EST by Renaissance (1)
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Prior to the content, allow me to say that this post isn't perfect. It isn't exactly what I wanted to get out of my head. But, like any writer can attest, sometimes you have to abandon perfect in favor of existent. I offer this, imperfect work, in the hopes you may steal from it an idea, a line of language, or a new way of thinking. ~Thank you.

You understand that this is the New World Order don't you?

Your new master isn't the government, or a political party, it's the corporations.

They are granted personhood status to protect their anonymous rights and seal their power, while ducking behind legal cover of "private" to usurp yours.

From any days headlines, corporations don't have to allow birth control, corporations can forbid you to speak about them, certain comments in public or on social sites warrant firing, they are private property and therefore not beholden to Free Speech or Assembly. They can deny you medical insurance and the insurance corporations are the real Death Panels. In every aspect of the law it is consistent that money is never put before a life until you broach health insurance. Then allowing someone to die is not only treated as legal, but as reasonable.

A Corporation can murder you whether it be tainted food or formula, lawsuits deemed less than the cost of a recall, covered up reports of a products side effects; rest assured corporations murder people all the time and there is ever anyone to hold accountable for the crime. A corporation can't go to jail, only a scapegoated employee or an evil CEO (who will be replaced with another evil CEO)

Once the framework is in place to allow corporations the reigns of privatized tyranny all that needs to fall into place is for the largest corporations to band together and decide what kind of America to create. Should they all opt out of allowing something, or ride the warpath of demanding something else, millions of Americans will be forced to comply. With free elections destroyed, working within the system will prove as effective as a demanding something from customer service.

Sure there might be some good firms out there. "Go work for a good guy then" the rally will cry. Trader Joes can't employ us all. With mom and pops destroyed, and farmers forbidden to take their wares straight to market, and homeopathic medicine outlawed as not FDA approved, and words being trademarked and cures patented, we will be in the new world order where corporations own us all.

You see it in the fight for birth control - when is it a CEOs business? You see it in SOPA - Megacorp demands the right to shut down ideas, due process shut out. Talk to a farmer. Talk to a homeopath. Talk to a mom and pop. Corporations seek to have absolute power. Privatized profits and citizen burdened losses. But no more so in patenting a cure to a disease - the ultimate act of murder and tyranny.

People call this class warfare, but perhaps we should call it a war. Then the Geneva Convention will apply. Right now it's just the status quo.



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[-] 2 points by Builder (4202) 6 years ago

Both parties are working towards this future because bribes are currently a legal part of the political process.

Remove bribes and the massive "lobby" industry, and there is nothing actually wrong with the political process.

Pretending that this removal process will be painless and bloodless and peacefull and non-violent is where the whole house of cards falls down.

Those who currently hold the table will not give up their place peacefully. Exposing their efforts is only the first step in the long process of their removal from their current pivotal power base.

Good luck with the peacefull thing.

\These corrupt corps only know one way of dealing with dissenters.

It's called saturation bombing.

[-] 1 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 6 years ago

No kidding. We'll have about as much power as an ant on an antfarm.

It's worth noting that both parties are working towards this future, neither are loyal to the people only to the globalist filthy rich.