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Forum Post: "The Myth of the Rich, The soldier, and the Police"

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 20, 2011, 11:36 a.m. EST by bill1102inf2 (357)
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The Myth that working hard can make you rich: The Rich do not 'get rich' by working hard, but rather, by hardly working multiplied by 1 million percent.

Take Jon Corzine or the CEO's of Freddie, Fannie, or any other such folks who fall into the 1% crowd. They are common thieves, Jon was just responsible for stealing 1.7 BILLION dollars. But, no handcuffs. Same for Freddie/Fannie CEO's and thousands if not more other similar people. No Handcuffs. Yet, you steal $20.00 worth of food or cash from a store and its JAIL for you.

Jon Corzine, while NJ Gov, utilized austerity and raised taxes across the board, raised tolls, gasoline tax, cut education, etc all harming the poor to enrich the elite, all the while snorting the finest cocaine, doing the hottest prostitutes and drinking the finest scotch.

The myth of the soldier:

The Soldier believes he fights for his country, his people, even though he is nothing more than a strawman fighting over oil and control of areas which are totally worthless (Iraq,Afghanistan have NOTHING of value, but Oil, of which Afghanistan has NONE). He fights for the corporations, the government contractors and the 1%

The Police have no responsibility to 'serve and protect', instead, they 'observe and report' AFTER the fact, that is all. Add in the constant violations the police perform and it is clear that they are nothing more than thugs for the for profit prison system, the for profit lawyer system and out to fill their own coffers in order to support THEIR socialization.

The rich do not look for win-win situations, they enslave and HEDGE to create win-lose situations where they win, everyone else loses via corrupting politicians and exploiting parasitic banking.

America - the land of for profit prisons, for profit police departments, corrupt politicians, home of the two party system designed to do nothing more than cause infighting amongst its population in order to enrich the 1%ers.



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[-] 1 points by bill1102inf2 (357) 12 years ago

We don't need more non profits, we need more private co-ops where the workers own the business.

We don't need higher taxes for the middle and lower class we need LOWER taxes and fees.

We don't need more corporate loopholes and tax breaks for large corporations we need to TAX them at a reasonable rate.

We don't need more fake democrats or fake republicans controlled by the corporations we need to remove corporate donations from politics 100%.

We don't need healthcare reform, we need universal health care that Senators and Congress receive as equal as any other American.

We don't need to 'borrow' money from China or anyplace else for that matter, the USA is intrinsically strong and superior to 99% of the world.

We don't need to pay more for energy, we need to pay LESS.

We don't need to pay more for food, we need to pay LESS

We dont need to pay more for housing, enriching the bankers and 1% - we need to pay LESS (STOP TEARING DOWN HOUSES CLEVELAND!)

We don't need to pay more for healthcare we need to pay LESS

We don't need more illegal aliens and haters of America (somalians) we need LESS

[-] 1 points by LSN45 (535) 12 years ago

Well said! The real crooks are laughing all the way to the bank!

Here's my 2 cents: There are a lot of improvements that need to be made. The list reforms Americans want to see is long and varied depending on who you talk to. That said, I believe there is one reform that would provide the American people the best chances of seeing other meaningful reforms actually happen - that is REAL, loop-hope free CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM! I have seen others on this site calling this the "fulcrum" or pivotal issue. Right now the current legalized bribery, pay-to-play system of campaign donations and paid lobbyists has disenfranchised the American voter. Until this is fixed, any other reform the politicians may try to placate us with (be it a change to healthcare, clamping down predatory school loans, new financial regulations, etc.) will be about as effective as a farmer putting a new roof on his CHICKEN COOP, but still letting the FOX guard it.

We need to go back to the original political currency. Instead of the current system of who can collect the most money from corporations and special interests it should be who has the BEST IDEAS to EFFECTIVELY RUN THE COUNTRY (we don't need "Wealth Redistribution," what we need is "Political Influence Redistribution")!

For the sake of our children and future generations of Americans, we need to take back our democracy from the rich and powerful who are using their vast sums of money to "speak" as if they represent millions of Americans. This "Corporate Personhood" that has crept into our laws is allowing them to manipulating our policies in their favor at the expense of the average American (the recent "Citizens United" Supreme Court ruling is a miscarriage of justice and must be reversed. The $50 or $100 a normal American may give to a political campaign becomes meaningless when corporations or other special interests are handing our millions to buy political access to the decision making process.

For decades now the corporations and special interests have had our "representatives" bought and paid for (both on the right and the left). Concentrating our efforts on getting the money out of our politics is the best way we can create an environment in which further reforms can be realized. Until we end the current system of legalized bribery (campaign donations) and paid lobbying our politicians will continue to be the LAP DOGS of the corporations and special interests. What we need first and foremost is real, loop-hole free CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM!!!! If the corruption is not dealt with first, the chance of any other meaningful reforms becoming a reality is almost zero - the special interests will just use their money to buy votes and put forward bills that create loop-holes or otherwise twist the law in their favor. If we want our children to live in a country where there vote matters, we need to get the money out of our politics, otherwise they will increasingly become the 21st century version of the "landless peasant." Spread the word - End the LEGALIZED BRIBERY!!! CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM needs to be THE main goal of the protests!!!

[-] 1 points by genanmer (822) 12 years ago
[-] 1 points by CriticalThinker (140) 12 years ago

“Steal a little and they throw you in jail / Steal a lot and they make you king.” —Bob Dylan, “Sweetheart Like You”

[-] 1 points by AFarewellToKings (1486) 12 years ago

"This world is ruled by violence, but I guess that's better left unsaid"

"I can See there'll come a day when even your home garden is against the law"

Bob Dylan Infidels 1983(?)

Makana, We Are The Many, 2011


[-] 1 points by CriticalThinker (140) 12 years ago

'til you do the bidding of the many, not the few. We are the many, you are the few.

Thank you. Great Song.

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 12 years ago

Crime does not Pay!

Unless of coarse your a white collar criminal.

[-] 1 points by bill1102inf2 (357) 12 years ago

wow this board is dead today

[-] 0 points by GeorgeCarlinRules (482) 12 years ago

Moody's warns that UK could face a downgrade as "formidable and rising challenges" such as the deficit increase since 2008 have eroded ability to absorb further fiscal shocks.

[-] 1 points by bill1102inf2 (357) 12 years ago

lmao 1000% debt to GDP in the UK, what a farse and its right where the US is heading thanks to our inflation and gov spending. The only answer is massive deflation, massive government cuts and taxing of the rich til the point their eyes bleed.