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Forum Post: The Middle Class is Toast

Posted 12 years ago on July 23, 2012, 9:07 a.m. EST by staysecure (0)
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"The middle class is toast", is how the following blog post starts. The prevailing wisdom for financial advisors is ump the middle class because they've lost their wealth and its not coming back. If this is the prevailing wisdom shared by people who make money by helping people manage their money, then how can we expect that Washington has any incentive to support the middles class. Washington loves the middle class for the votes, but only the rich have lobbyists.

http://blogs.reuters.com/macroscope/2012/07/20/giving-up-on-the-middle-class/ http://wealthmanagement.com/practice-management/why-your-future-client-high-net-worth



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