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Forum Post: The MIC-Check Fault

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 6, 2012, 3:40 a.m. EST by aloivnafets (12)
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Hey guys,

I was following the #J3 livefeed during the announcements at Grand Central Station and have been pondering the arrest of Lauren Digioia who was speaking out against the provisions of the NDAA.

OWS has proved to be a leaderless movement, but when it comes to mic checks... it appears as though one person speaks out, and the rest repeat what they say. While this may be effective of spreading a message, it allows the police to single out a specific target for arrest.

It is understood that you cannot easily arrest a large crowd without conflict or large media coverage, but when you single out one person who speaks out on behalf of a large crowd... well, you're just as effective in your efforts.

While OWS remains to be leaderless, those who speak out most are silenced the quickest.

Perhaps motives for preventing such events should be considered. Just a thought, as there have been countless arrests and little coverage of so in the MSM and elsewhere in the world.

I would not like to see such great minds silenced in vain.

Best wishes.

Also, the "turn off bloody caps lock" feature for post titles is rather restrictive, please reconsider the limitations.



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