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Forum Post: The Message

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 10, 2011, 7:25 p.m. EST by benfrank2011 (1)
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With an unclear agenda presented in the media it makes it hard to understand what the end game is for Occupy Wall Street. I am not on the street and was not at the beginning of the movement, but I am a supporter of the cause. I understand the frustration of feeling like nothing can be done with such a small voice. The voice is growing and beginning to ring down the halls, streets, and fields of America. I feel a unified message with a set list of goals will help continue the momentum created.
Corporations need to stop treating employees like overhead and understand that most individuals show up to work every day to give their all and participate in something bigger than themselves. While at the end of the day feel like we are making a difference. This understanding can be reached by unifying the worker and the corporation. Reintroducing pension plans, providing ample paid-days-off, and driving down the cost of healthcare will bring the disenchanted work back on track. We spend most of our energy on the work we do, let's get our employers to put energy back in us. I feel that these simple improvements will help workers feel more ownership of their jobs.

  • Pensions Workers pay into a pool that receives corporate contribution based on profits. This will give the employees incentives to create an environment of productivity knowing that at the end of their career their hard work will go recognized. This will also make people in current positions train their replacements to the fullest of their abilities to ensure the future of their retirement.
  • Ample Paid-Time-Off Unhealthy and distracted employees do not make productive employees. Giving people time to recover from illness and handle family matters in a worry free environment will help get them back to work quicker and with more energy.
  • Health Benefits Having employees stressed out about their health plan is counter-productive. Low stress levels makes for healthier people. Jumping through fiery hoops to stay insured and make sure they have proper coverage is making us sick, literally. The large purchasing power of corporations should drive down the cost of healthcare. Plus providing employees tools to stay healthy and incentives to keep healthy will go a long way. Forcing people into programs only creates animosity and less desire to participate. Let's keep the ball rolling. Clear concise agenda and a plan that shows that we are not trying get something for nothing will ensure victory. The ingenuity and hard work ethic is what makes America great. We do not want to fall victim to the pitfalls of the Unions by driving jobs away. We need to make sure that the product that is produced is always of the highest quality. Union trades have the stigma of doing the minimum to get by, while hiding behind the Union vale. Unity is what gives us power. We need to show that a unified work force is productive and will to step up to challenges of a global market. The harder we work for our employer, the harder they need to work for us. Only when the hard work is not reciprocated is when we need to flex our Union muscle. Victory can only be accomplished when we can both stand up together achieve greatness. We are willing to make sacrifices to keep jobs, it is time for the corporations to participate in the future of all Americans. Rome was burnt to the ground because of greed and disrespect of the citizens. Let us not have history repeat itself and fall into an age of darkness. It is time for the few to recognize the power of the many and meet us in the middle. The uprising is upon us. We lit the flame, it is now time put the fire to good use and power us into a new age of reason and prosperity.



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[-] 2 points by imrational (527) 12 years ago

Our agenda will be formed by the consensus of the 99%. In other words, 99% of us agree that we need to overturn the SCOTUS ruling that corporations can donate unlimited funds to political campaigns and that the government can take private property under Eminent Domain and give it to corporations.

However, 99% does not support a lot of the agenda you are requesting. Those goals might have a shot, but I doubt it at this time. Right now, there are plenty of things that most of us are in agreement with and our plate is more than full with those.

i.e. instead of pursuing your own agenda, pursue the agenda that EVERYONE can agree with.

[-] 1 points by benfrank2011 (1) 12 years ago

Well apparently you guys have it all under control and the agenda is quite clear for the rest of the public viewing from the outside in. Good luck with your elitist pep-rally.

[-] 1 points by NintyNiner (93) 12 years ago

It takes two to screw us! Politicians to hold us down, so then the Corporations can do the screwing!!! Politicians need better rules to follow to prevent lobbying! We tax payers should also fund important elections, so the best person wins and not the one with the most money!!! Top 2 demands in my book! Write it down!