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Forum Post: The Legitimate Rapist

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 21, 2012, 7:07 a.m. EST by trashyharry (3084) from Waterville, NY
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The current discussion about legitimate and illegitimate rape is an interesting window into the minds of our Overlords and the simple minded army of dupes that support them.Legitimate Rape is an oxymoron.All rapes are a crime and there can be no such thing as a legitimate crime.I have never heard anyone ever discussing Legitimate Burglary,Legitimate Auto Theft,Legitimate Mortgage Fraud et.al.We are hearing that the murder of Trayvon Martin is a Legitimate Murder,and laws on the books indicate that Trayvon's killer will have a leg to stand on in court.So mission accomplished-we now have Legitimate Murder.A Legitimate Rape would have the following characteristics:the victim must be white and either Christian or Jewish.The woman in question should be married,and the family income must be at least middle class.The legitimacy of the rape increases with the income level of the males related to the victim.Rapes of unmarried upper income females are suspect,but can be deemed acceptable depending on where she was when the rape occurred and whether or not the assailant has the characteristics of The Legitimate Rapist.The Legitimate Rapist above all,should be Big And Black.If he can't manage that,he had better have been wearing a mask,or the legitimacy of the rape will immediately be thrown into question.Violence that could not have been self inflicted,evidence of restraints,abduction and the victim being accosted while in a public place-on an innocent errand-by a stranger.All of these elements are looked for when judging the legitimacy of a rape.A few examples of illegitimate rapes would be impoverished elderly females raped in their homes by intruders,all rapes of males in prison or outside,almost all rapes of women at college,rapes of women soldiers by male soldiers,rapes of prostitutes or unmarried women on cruise ships or in vacation resorts;rapes of women in campgrounds,and state parks are highly supect.Rapes that take place on reservations have absolutely no legitimacy whatsoever.So there are lots of rapists out there who don;t make the cut.God is not going to send Divine Contraception to any of those illegitimate rape survivors.What all of this shows is the extraordinarily deep seated racist and sexist attitudes of The Overlord Class and how they use dog whistle language to whip up the emotions of the ignorant,vulgar,cruel dupes who troop to the polls time after time to vote against their own economic interest because hatred rules their minds.



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