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Forum Post: The Last Nail in the Coffin of Greed

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 30, 2011, 4:43 p.m. EST by JesseHeffran (3903)
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Those multi nationals would have been able to keep their position if they had not become so greedy. The sad part is that if the unemployment rate was not so high this digital revolution would have never been conceived. There are a plethora of highly intelligent individuals not able to get a job, and they are utilizing their time learning, engaging and being politically active. Though there is a long way to go, I suggest every person who is not happy with the direction we are going to become informed. When I say informed, I don’t mean find your favorite pundit and hang on his every word. Democracy is harder work than any job I have ever had. People make intelligent arguments all the time, but when those you perceive to be intelligent vote differently than they speak, the perceiver of intelligence is the one who suffers. There are many forms of information. As a student of propaganda, being I studied Journalism, I know that most information is as bad for the viewer as crack cocaine is for the user. Although most dot com sites are not crooked, it is more informative to get information from dot gov or dot org sites. If an organization is helpful to a community, would it not make more sense that their information is also more helpful. The opposite of this should hold true also. The prosperity of the last thirty years—if you happened to be privy to it—was mostly a bribe. While the powers that be tortured, maimed and exploited people of other nations under the banner of market fundamentalism, we were the dumping ground for all the over production that unregulated markets produce. Those days are coming to an end. There are two schools of thought being haled by pundits and policy makers throughout the ‘States. One is to neuter the social safety net in order to stimulate growth. Now I know it seem fairest to get rid of a government that allowed our current condition, but a dismantled social safety net will destroy the middle class. Even though I have never been part of that class, I know that a degenerating middle class is a pre-courser to a failed state. The other argument you should be able to find is one that espouses Keynesian economics. I can only tell you what I believe about the situation, but I implore you to find the truth yourself. Get your eyes out of Facebook and put them into a real book. Maul over both arguments and pick the one that you believe will suit your interests. Democracy is not a spectator sport even if you can’t vote. When people in your social economic bracket attempt to convince you of something that does not strengthen your interests, hold them accountable. Libertarian economic philosophy is as pie-in-the-sky bull shit as socialism. They both espouse a utopia that has never existed. When the “gubment” gets out of the way, a power vacuum is created. Who do you think will fill it?



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[-] 1 points by SirPoeticJustice (628) from New York, NY 12 years ago

The RAPE of the PEOPLE by their government !!!

People are fucking stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid.!!!!!!!!

You have to understand that. it is nothing against them. They are just IGNORANT.


The list of largest corporations only includes the LEGAL companies. What about all the ILLEGAL corporations That have TRILLIONS of dollars. Enough money to have their own subs they run from south america to the United States full of drugs. What about the Mafia, Yakuza? What about other black market corporations that do human trafficking, one of the largest industries in the world. The market for sex slaves is number 3 largest industry in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck your petty problems and UNITE to get the nation on track. We need to put the CROOKS IN JAIL NOW.


You are missing the big picture. This nation is no longer a nation of citizens. IT IS A NATION OF SPECIAL INTERESTS COMPRISED MAINLY OF CORPORATIONS. All sides of a debate represent a corporations agenda. Our pure ideals get co-opted the moment we Begin strategizing how to move forward. You are naive as hell if you think this whole thing wasn't designed to be an answer to the Tea Party. Obama gave wall street everything they wanted his first term in the form of the bailouts and representation in government. He asked for bipartisan effort. They scoffed and laughed in his face when he attempted to raise taxes on the (((1%))). So Obama and his cronies came up with the idea OCCUPY WALL STREET. Here is the important thing - CUT AND PASTE THIS AND KEEP RE-POSTING IT. Get the truth out there for the truth's sake. I like Obama, may even vote for him again. This is not about what party you are with. this is about the truth!

With the technology of the day, Howard Hughes' company along with mafia interests, managed to imprison him in his own house, and collude to take over all of his assets. WITH THE TECHNOLOGY OF TODAY, why do you think only men WHO HAVE FAMILIES can become president? THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT NEED TO BE ABLE TO 'MOTIVATE' THE PRESIDENT. The WHITE HOUSE IS A PRISON. EVEN if OBAMA WANTED to do the right thing, HE CANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!