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Forum Post: THE KEY TO UNDERSTANDING THE FUTURE OF OCCUPY is seeing how the war of information is being waged and how that can be shifted

Posted 7 years ago on Nov. 25, 2012, 12:33 p.m. EST by therising (6643)
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Manufacturing Consent - Check this film out when you have a chance. It lays out how information is used as means of control in modern democratic society and gives us real solutions. I can't stress enough how powerful this film and its message are. It's also a joy to watch. Here's the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LVsiP0s33A&feature=youtube_gdata_player



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[-] 2 points by GypsyKing (8708) 7 years ago

Yes, this is key.

[-] 2 points by therising (6643) 7 years ago

Glad you agree. Pretty incredible hoepw many of us in U.S. are asleep under the spell of mainstream media. It encourages such nihilism.

[-] 2 points by SteadyRock (63) from New York, NY 7 years ago

You coming home. switching on EVIL box, watching it, - what do you see? What they want you to see - manufacturing content. Do you want to see more international news, - you not gonna get that, meanwhile SPORT, so take that! http://www.youtube.com/v/3AnB8MuQ6DU?version=3&f=videos&app=youtube_gdata

[-] -1 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 7 years ago

Fighting the media is a major priority. Just look at what they've done to us.

[-] 1 points by therising (6643) 7 years ago

I completely agree. I'm thrilled by how much we were able to bypass the mainstream media and feed video and photos and reporting directly to American citizens and the world. That is a major achievement. I still think we need to also continue to use the mainstream media as well to get our message out. Walmart strike broke through despite corporate efforts to tamp down the story.

Definitely check out the film Manufacturing Consent when you hav a chance. It'll blow your mind in a good way.

Do you have any thoughts on

[-] 0 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 7 years ago

I just ordered it today, looking forward to it.

[-] 1 points by therising (6643) 7 years ago

Cool. You won't be disappointed.