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Forum Post: The homeless are being given jobs, but should they be happy to have this one?

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 16, 2011, 4:51 p.m. EST by fabianmockian (225)
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Corporations are paying homeless people $10 per house to help evict other people. Is this the job that those who say "Be happy you have a job" are referring to when they make that useless statement? Besides the stream for Occupy Wall Street, here is a link that talks of how the already homeless are being used to kick out the soon to be homeless. Besides holding Wall Street accountable, Occupy movements should be considering ways in which to prevent these evictions, because the ranks of the homeless is a growing number that would surely join a movement that, if not successfully block their eviction, at least made the attempt. And if Occupy could figure out alternatives for those who do get evicted that don;t entail them living under a bridge or in the woods, this sense of community that these people will come to know will at least give them back their dignity. Keep the fight going, but don't forget those who have already been cast aside and who have lost the desire to fight when they lost all hope.




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[-] 1 points by bythepeople (56) 12 years ago

Guess what? If we continue down this economic road, they will have all of us fighting for their $10 table scraps.

[-] 1 points by fabianmockian (225) 12 years ago

That's why I hate phrases like "Be happy you have a job" as related to crappy jobs and when justifying choosing the democrats in 2012 with "You should go with the lesser of two evils." When do we get to choose between the greater of two goods."?