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Forum Post: The heart of the problem

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 1, 2012, 4:17 p.m. EST by KingDavidJames (0)
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At the heart of the problem is the Monetary System.

In the System we use today, all monies come from Bank Loans, monies does not come from Government, it comes from Bank Loans.

Banks Don't loan monies they have, they create ALL the monies they loan out of thin air, as we repay our loans, the monies are gone, "Temporary Monies".

However Banks charge interests on these loans, so they keep that for themselves, and their friends, it's a nice deal really, they make monies out of thin air, then charge us to use them, we pay double what our product are worth, and they get rich past all compare.

Temporary Monies is a good thing, it's who controls them, and what they charge to use them. It's our monies, always has been, the Banks Hijacked the powers of the public trust.

The Powers to create and destroy monies MUST BELONG TO THE STATE, otherwise we have no State, that's the case today, our Government is a puppet whore to the Banks, the Banks own it, lock, stock, and barrel, it all a show, it always has been.

Land of the free's arse, we all live in BankLand, we don't have Freedom, we have Bankdom.

All of us are Bank Slaves, and we all will be until people wake up to the fact the the Banks are running the show, the Banks Can Not Be Reformed, Only Closed.

Bank Monies = Proof of Debt State Monies = Proof of State

Do we want our Government back, then we must take back the Money Powers, only the State can be trusted to use the Powers of the Temporary Monies, to loan Directly to the Citizens and unincorporated business, Corporations don't need Banks they can issue Stock and Share and Bonds, why would they need Banks.

Monies is a financial Asset backed by a financial Liability, held by another party, BUT the Asset does not need to match the liability, the Banks Create the Asset and then they keep selling more and more liability.

In the system we use now the Banks create 500% more liability than there is Asset, this makes a "Money Shortage", we're all out chasing monies that do not exist to pay our debts, this keeps wages low, and everyone MUST Barrow from the Banks for everything.

Also the Banks know we are figuring out their game, they have been p[laying it on us for over two thousand years, so they are booby trapping the Markets, they know we can take back the money powers and they'll be forced to WORK FOR A LIVING.

The Banks are the problem, they have always been the problem.

Man created Monies, Monies did not Create Man, Man Is the Master of Monies, Monies is Not the Master of Man.

Man Created Government, Governement did not create Man, Man is the Master of Goverment, Goverment is not the Master of Man.

Both monies and the State are our Servents, they exist only to serve us, I want to go to my State Bank and Barrow the monies I need, at no interests, the citizen is the interests of the State.

No of us need to pay interests to us our own monies, Goverments do not need to TAX or Barrow, they have the Powers to create monies.

It's all Lies, Lies, and Damn Lies,

DEMAND STATE BANKS AND NO INTEREST LOANS, until we have done that, we have done nothing.

--King David James of the house of Joseph of the house of David of Israel



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[-] 0 points by FreedomIn2012 (-36) from Hempstead, NY 6 years ago

This is perhaps the most illiterate posting yet. Please take a basic economics class.