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Forum Post: The GOP doesn't want you, or your vote

Posted 3 years ago on Dec. 10, 2011, 11:59 a.m. EST by brightonsage (4494)
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  1. your skin is brown or black or beige
  2. you are older than 55
  3. you are younger than 25
  4. you believe in science
  5. you don't want to get pregnant, or get somebody pregnant,
  6. you want protect yourself from STD's with something that might also provide birth control
  7. you would want to be able to avoid carrying a fetus to term resulting from rape, or which might cause your death
  8. you believe that people should be able to join an organization that would represent your interests
  9. you want the government to inspect and assure the safety of a. air travel b. food c. medicine d. medical devices e. water f. air g. pesticides and herbicides h. mining i. drilling for oil, gas j. pipelines transporting liquids or gas k. railroad systems l. mass transit m. education, n. credit cards, mortgages, consumer purchase contracts o. financial institutions: banks, investment banks, hedge funds, dark pools, derivatives, stock exchanges, corporate stocks, bonds, currency exchanges p. safety equipment q. communication systems r. chemicals s. toys t. many others.

  10. you believe that corporations and businesses aren't people

  11. you are not an Evangelical Christian
  12. you believe that companies who injure or kill people should be held accountable in court by a jury of citizens 13.you are a teacher, cop, fireman, or a city, state or federal employee
  13. you are a veteran
  14. you are a student
  15. you have an income or net worth less than $1 million

unless you can ignore all of the above and blindly vote for a candidate and a party that doesn't like or want you, in which case, “Welcome to the GOP, patriot.”