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Forum Post: The Global Occupy Movement’s Intended Goals & Reformation Principles

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 10, 2011, 9:15 p.m. EST by OccupyScribe (0) from Littleton, CO
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The Global Occupy Movement’s Intended Goals & Reformation Principles

-Occupy’s Identification:

The International Chapters of the Occupy Movement spawned out of the dissatisfied peoples of the Earth’s population centers beginning in 2011. The peoples of this vast movement vary across many ethnical, citizenship, and economical demographics. They have members involved that consist of the adolescent and young adults representing the world’s youth, while also having middle aged to elderly participants. The movement began by concerned civilians physically Occupying symbolic space at the World’s Economical heart of the Global and American monetary structures. Zucotti Park on Wall St. in Manhattan served as a launching ground for the modern world’s less fortunate citizens trying to vocalize their distrust and frustrations with our current economical strategies and configurations.

The Occupy Movement serves to create a better future of opportunities and quality of life for the citizens of the Earth. Their declaration to Assemble Peacefully in many corners of the Earth represents our necessary responsibility to monitor our economical principles and strategies in order to give ourselves and our future citizens the best capacity to coexist efficiently and happily. The Movement is represented in its physical assemblies and peaceful rebellions, but its members consist of all human citizens that have the good will and best intentions for humanity in mind. The future of the Occupy Movement will be seen wherever the World’s citizens are concerned with inefficient practices by analyzing norms to create positive adaptations to ensure that our systems remain viable and just.

-Occupy’s Goals:

The Movement intends to focus on unfair practices and structuring within the world’s economic systems. The presence of such mal intended practices put the overall health of the big system in jeopardy which correspondingly threatens the world’s peoples. The International and Corporate structures of the world’s economies need to operate effectively showing reverence to the fact that the world’s current and future citizen’s quality of life depends upon it. All corridors of our economic systems need to be consistently looked into with scrutiny to detect and eliminate unfair practices. The more efficient the quality our economical opportunities and management of our systems is handled with directly results in more competent maintenance and effective leadership for our very important monetary mechanisms.

Occupy urges the fair taxation for all citizens giving just as much taxation to the world’s rich if not more when compared to the rates of the middle classes and poorer citizens. Along with a fair taxation system the world’s governments should be utilizing their power to protect their citizens from unfair monopolistic practices. The Health Care corporations of the world along with other industries the world’s populations depend upon create unfair scenarios that leave the world’s populations exposed to being taken advantage of.

Occupy seeks to have the world's governments be more accountable in not starting violent conflicts that are usually motivated with economical or political intentions. The Movement believes that violent conflicts unless they are scenarios for necessary self defense intend to divide all humanity from our basic and inherent goal to work together for a better tomorrow. Occupy wishes to communicate their displeasure with their countries involvement in wars and conflicts that harm all citizens on all sides unless absolutely necessary for our species’ survival.

The Occupy Movement intends to allocate resources wherever capable to defending the citizens of the world from destructive Nationalistic and religious ideologies that threaten our human race. The world’s governments are supposed to help manage resources and protect their citizens. They should also serve to ultimately operate for the good of the human kind, and should not be controlled to feed divisionary power to dogmatic organizations or be dominated by Nationalistic aspirations. The Occupy Movement’s Intended Goals are directed at creating positive modifications to our Global economic systems and strategies to most effectively benefit our human race.

-Occupy’s Reformation Principles:

The Movement will always exist wherever unfair practices endanger the people of the Earth. Our peaceful rebellions will abound whenever current scenarios demand restructuring to ensure fair economic practices that will protect the Earth’s citizens. When the Movement’s participants initiate assembling to enact change their numbers will consist of all the world’s citizens that seek to only retain fair and responsible economic practices. As long as the modern world exists the people of all nations will have an inherent responsibility to make sure their governments and their practices continue to operate competently for their citizens. The Occupy Movement intends to communicate and demonstrate when necessary to call attention to credible threats that endanger our countries and their peoples.

The Occupy Movement will not have to demonstrate on unfair taxation principles when the rich are taxed as much or more heavily than the less fortunate citizens in any country. The Movement wont have to demonstrate when the governments of the world are not engaging in wars or conflicts for economical or political ideals. Occupy’s members will not have to Peacefully Assemble when countries and corporations act economically with responsible decisions and fair practices that protectively further their citizen’s quality of life. The Movement can cease in rebelling peacefully against the unfair portions of our economic systems when our countries adequately protect our individual citizens from corporate corruption and greed that threatens the security and future of the Earth’s people. The Occupy Movement exists whenever the world’s concerned individuals unite to ensure safe practices and principles are continually adhered to by our governing forces. We stand together wherever there is injustice and corruption, and allocate our efforts to creating a brighter future for a better tomorrow.



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[-] 1 points by majikman (1) 11 years ago

What an incoherent bunch of nebulous nonsense. Can't really comment or agree or disagree. I would summarize as follows. There is unfairness in the world. We should try to reduce it. Taxation should be fair. Wars should be a last resort. Crony capitalism needs to be reigned in. Really just Hope and Change nonsense. The above says nothing about proposed solutions or suggestions for improvement. OWS has it wrong in that WS is not wherein the problem lies. I'd say they should be occupying the National Mall. First goal. Get just about EVERYONE in congress out. Implement term limits. This might be a start.