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Forum Post: The Fear of the Word Fascism

Posted 3 years ago on July 19, 2014, 9:37 a.m. EST by turbocharger (1756)
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It is amazing the level of control the people who attempt to control things have managed to get, with their control of an ever expanding and intrusive media.


As the link above shows, the fascist statement was retracted because it is simply too harsh. So why is that? Why are there certain things that not allowed to be said? Because thats just how it is. Just like curse words- incredible how a two words can mean the same thing, but one is not acceptable. Fuckin vs Freakin for example.

Anyways, we don't even call what is going on by what the rest of the globe calls it. The propaganda machine is so well run, that we simply cannot even call what is happening by what is it. Throw in a masterful job of divide and conquer, and the thought about the thought doesnt even happen.

Sure a few on each side will call the other fascists, but we as people currently cannot come to the conclusion that this is bigger than we realize, more unified than we realize, and much more devastating than we realize.

Therefore, we are the spoiled children in the room of the world, the last to know, the last to realize, and most likely, the ones who are going to be caught off guard the most.




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[-] 5 points by turbocharger (1756) 3 years ago

The boogey man aka terrorism has been an incredibly huge success, so much so that we are now scared to let in immigrants and the use of profanities against anyone that doesnt look like a white male seems to be increasing instead of decreasing.

Corruption is at all time highs, companies are living for today, and cronyism is so rampant that no one gets fair treatment.

Not in the marketplace.

Not in the courts.

Not in the streets.

[-] 4 points by turbocharger (1756) 3 years ago

France making the same mistakes as governments always do.

Come down on the people, and you only create more dissent.


[-] 4 points by turbocharger (1756) 3 years ago

Convincing people they are incapable of creating the basic needs for themselves is a strong feature of the corporate state.

In reality, it is the very people doing all of the work to begin with, despite teh unfair practices of the corporate overlords and meddling politicians looking for their approval.

People are the solution to people problems.

[-] 1 points by TheWall (12) 3 years ago

Great post. if we are to effect change, we must concentrate our efforts on eliminating the CAUSE of our problems. Protesting against endless problems, only disperses valuable focus. It is corporatism and agenda driven individuals in the ruling class that are causing most of our problems.

The crash and bailout of Wall st demonstrated the ruling class owns our govt and society. The 99% were explicitly shown how powerless they really are. Of course we could try to fight back by using their rigged political system. That has proven futile. The Duopoly is political theater. It is meant to give the public the illusion that they have power. It is owned and controlled by the same wealthy entities we are trying to change. Their media propagandizes and shapes public opinion.

The public must wake up and stop playing rigged political games. if people want to Real "Change", we need "Big Change". No more playing political patty cakes.

  • Get money out of politics.
  • Eliminate political partities.(No more Republicons OR Democraps, or any other crap)
  • Eliminate affiliations with special interest organizations. Their only loyalty must be to their constituents.
  • Eliminate news media owned by entities with political agendas.
  • Empower voters with referendums and direct democracy voting.