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Forum Post: The failing is in government - which fails to do its essential job

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 28, 2011, 4:51 p.m. EST by talktowolf (20)
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I fully support the OCCUPY movements.

I'm located in Canada where our problems are not as bad as in the United States, but nonetheless, we have similar problems with our Government not doing its essential job of protecting and enhancing the lives of "all" people.

I find very few people posting here don't understand the notion that one needs to work towards a common purpose - one that can be embraced by those who think of themselves as belonging to right and left - and to the notion that the major underlying cause of the concern is that governments have failed to understand and perform their core PURPOSE.

I also find that many people who post here don't understand how necessary it is to focus on common uniting principles associated with PURPOSE - to capture the attention and support of the large number of potential supporters of the movement - before moving forward to try to build support for particular policies.

What's more, the common ground must be sought in the failure of government to understand and perform its core PURPOSE. I see a very serious decline in the public service - associated with the replacement of those with a sense that their job is to serve the public by those who are driven far more by a desire to apply the techniques that might work for business to government agencies.

In short, the major failing is in government - which fails to do its essential job.

As to the participants in this forum, many people bring their left/right-wing baggage and it's divisive - and too focused on policy rather than on PURPOSE and PRINCIPLE.

No wonder so many people don't fully get it.

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[-] 2 points by talktowolf (20) 12 years ago

A lawyer friend gave me a number of examples of work that he has done - and why it couldn't be done under current government rules, regulations and policies - and where those industry leaders made public statements immediately after the meetings that were completely opposed to what they had agreed to privately - but what the government rules compelled them to do.

All of which is to support my statement that the public service sense that their job is far more driven by a desire to apply the techniques that might work for business rather than "all" peoples. .