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Forum Post: The etraterrestrials are here and they are in OWS ,

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 1, 2012, 4:32 a.m. EST by aliens2012ownyourass (1) from New York, NY
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The Occupy Wall Street phenomenon has become part of a broader international political movement. Protesters are helping to galvanize public attention on breaches to human rights and social injustices. But, protesters are not content with just providing a spectacle for TV and other media. Protesters internationally have sought to craft a manifesto so-to-speak of demands toward “fixing” identified grievances. It is therefore apparent that protesters are under some sort of impression that their protests will “force” the hands of governments to change in behalf of their publics. But, how much did this group listen to the plea of innocent civilians in Libya, to spare them the continuous bombing raids that have killed tens of thousands? Do protesters think that elites will become enlightened in the aftermath of protests, and that democracy is at the forefront on the minds of elites?

Alex Collier provides insight into the problems that humanity faces, that are inextricably associated with the “Occupy Wall Street Movement“. Mr. Collier’s insights suggest that the Occupy Wall Street Movement is doomed to fail, because the members have not appreciated the Non-Terrestrial dynamic to prevailing human rights problems and social injustices on Earth.

Mr. Collier suggests that the effort of Occupy Wall Street Movement will have not much more sustained success than any effort to get a dog to “meow“, and a cat to “bark’. Mr. Collier has elaborated that humans have a soul which naturally spiritually interconnects us with each other, and with nature. That soul makes us naturally empathetic and protective of each other. Therefore, if the protesters appreciated that axiom, they would also appreciate that Earth’s problem must lie in some kind of manipulation by a lower dimensional soul-less alien presence, which lacks empathy for humanity.

In the above video, Alex Collier identifies the Manipulative Extraterrestrial presence which has apparently infiltrated human decision making institutions as “holding us back”. Mr. Collier also had warned in the above video that humans needed to “wake up” by August 2001. Humans apparently did not, and we know what happened in September 2001: 9/11, which was apparently precipitated by what Dr. Michael Salla refers to as MIEC, of the “Military-Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex” of interests. Apparently, every month, week, and year, that we, as humans, fail to wake up to the reality that an apparent lower dimensional alien agenda, is taking our Mother Earth closer to a World War III New World Order scenario.

Mr. Collier has suggested that entities that Dr. John Lash refers to in his Pagan Gnostic investigative research as the “archons”, must leave Earth, before their presence attracts even more demonic alien entities. Mr. Collier further indicates that Ethical Extraterrestrials inherently embrace the freedom of all life forms to make their own choices; and that acting to “save humanity” from these entities would be destructive to human free will and counterproductive to the process of human evolutionary development.

Extraterrestrials that present themselves to be in a messianic saviour context, are inherently Manipulative, and seek to use religious doctrine or other belief systems to enslave and exploit humanity. The Pagan Gnostics have specifically linked Judaism, Christianity and Islam to regressive alien operatives which Dr. Lash’s has linked to continued oppression of humankind, such as that which the Occupy Wall Street Movement has sought to protest.

Alex Collier is a self-described contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials. Mr. Collier suggests and describes an Extraterrestrial War that took place in a former time line of the 1930’s, that was supplanted in the popular consciousness by the time line of the 1930’s that has become official history. Mr. Collier describes Nazi scientists as having brought Manipulative Extraterrestrials into human time-space in the former 1930’s. They apparently then abducted “human specimens” from cosmic humans, and travelled back in time to selectively change human history, and then create a new 1930’s time line which would lead to the appearance that the Nazis “lost the war”. That scenario is further explored in previously published articles in The Canadian. Please read the articles at the bottom of this article for more detailed elaborations of Mr. Collier’s insights.

Based upon his insights, there are three ideological systems which Manipulative Extraterrestrials have designed to “guide” humans. These three ideological systems appear to be, organized religion, “Aryanism”, and capitalism. The insights of Alex Collier, and researchers which include David Icke suggest that we, as humans, may yet still be able to avoid the continued destruction of our very planet that we depend on for the affirmation of our quality-of-living. But, before we can effectively seek to achieve that goal, we must first be prepared to embark on a course of “shedding away” the importance of these three ideological systems from our psyche, as human beings.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is preaching to the choir so-to-speak. Supporters of Occupy Wall Street do not have the power to make the changes that they seek to make. Elites on Earth, based upon Dr. Lash and also David Icke insights, are apparently the “humanized faces of aliens” that are pursuing a New World Order agenda. They apparently report to alien “overseers”, and not to Earthbound humans.



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[-] 1 points by aliens2012ownyourass (1) from New York, NY 6 years ago

2012 is the year the planet earth is visited again by the galactic federation of planets and they will decide if they are going to destroy us or force our leaders, to use suppressed technology so save us ,

[-] 0 points by PaulMcTavish (-145) 5 years ago

Where to these alien "overseers" reside? Could OWS attack the problem directly by destroying their base camp?