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Forum Post: The 'Economy' is a Carefully Constructed Machine, NOT a force of 'Nature'

Posted 6 years ago on July 8, 2013, 6:53 p.m. EST by elf3 (4068)
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Outsourcing, Downsizing, Off-shoring, Off-headquartering, Overseas Banking, In-sourcing, 400 percent mark-ups, Monopolization...OUTRIGHT BRIBERY...

These are the largest pieces to our puzzle. The corporate media propagandizes that the economy is some force that can not be contained. They give us the weather report: "Like nature, the economy has its own ebb and flow", (a 'global' one at that) The corporate elite and wealthy one percent of this nation have perpetuated this lie long enough!

We the people need to forcefully boycott, disband, and break down Corporate Monopolies in America, as well as instigate an overthrow of the corrupt Supreme Court, in order to take back our power to control our economy; we the people have the power to take back our government, we the 99 percent have the power to determine how much profit corporate America deserves to keep from OUR labor done with our backs and to determine how much they are allowed to own and then DEMAND from the wages we have earned when it is time for us to purchase commodities, buy a home, or purchase a degree. We the people have the right to determine that no corporation should be allowed to undercut, outsource and downsize, monopolize, nor dictate the interest rates paid by the American workforce and citizenry...

(They dictate the wages, they dictate your ability to compete and choose, then they dictate the price for you to live. They also bribe the government to give them huge chunks of your tax money not only through bail-outs but through purchase orders and write offs as well as national policies that benefit their bottom line - aka war profiteering).

If fortune 500's can't provide a livable wage nor affordable commodities that are in line with their non-livable wages, then perhaps we no longer need or want fortune 500's: Perhaps we want the chance to be entrepreneurs and run our own economy. The Corporotocracy has blasted entrepreneurship and our ability to be self reliant out of the water. They have bribed our government into making us slaves and servants and consumers of their mal-functioning, elitist monopolistic and fixed market criminally insane and immorally driven caste system.

We the people have determined, we want our system back. We want our freedom: Economic justice is freedom.

The economy is NOT a force of nature; It is a carefully designed machine that has been constructed to power the egotistical and shallow desires of the rich elite and consumer zombies. Take back your freedom, take back the system, take back the economy.

Move to Amend!! The economy belongs to the people, not the one percent - to put it in the only terms the corporately insane can understand - WE the people are or should be our governments largest shareholders.




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[-] 2 points by elf3 (4068) 6 years ago

who will Obama pick next to represent the one percent as Bernanke gets ready for his exit??? Let's see also who Bernanke goes to "work" for now and collects his golden umbrella retirement from...it's all worked out by the 500 or so Americans profiting from our servitude.