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Forum Post: The Difference Between Strategies, Tactics, Goals, for what it's worth

Posted 8 years ago on Feb. 5, 2012, 5:31 p.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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Many things in life have to be done before you learn them. Perhaps executive planning is not well understood by the voting public in the US. Planning is essential to position ourselves properly for the future. It seems that the US is not positioned for the future today. However, the USA has much strength in the infrastructures and the many economic and other systems that comprise our country.

Today's Context:

1) We have a Limited Republic form of national government in what is a mixed economy, we are a federation of states - rather than a powerful central government that writes all the laws and controls all the individual states, BUT it now looks maybe more like a Kleptocracy, Oligarchy, Fascism, Crony Capitalism, Plutocracy.

2) The federal government has not been able to pass budgets, it is raiding accounts to pay monthly bills, it is running deficit spending, current government borrowing of over $15 Trillion belies the rhetoric that some congressmen are more conservative than others. In addition there is a transfer of wealth from tax payers to government industries like prisons, military contractors, etc. and subsidies to corporations to match other tax deferrals. The US foreign policy is built on ideas that lead to very expensive wars with expensive logistics hubs, and long logistics lines.

3) There are very close ties between government and industry. The relationships between banking/finance and the US government led to the 2008 Finance Crisis, 2007 Mortgage Collapse, and the Savings and Loan Crisis of the 1980s featuring the "Keating Five". There has been little interest and effort in prosecuting fraud in US Banking.

Strategies, tactics, goals, federal government mission, vision, objectives...

The Federal Government Mission could be:

To maintain legislative and judicial bodies to pass new laws and budgets. To pass annual budgets. To declare war. To meet any threats to our security. To serve the common defense of the economy, banking, borders. To provide a social safety net for elderly, disabled, children's education and well being, maintain an old age pension system, maintain a basic medical system for elderly, disabled, children.

Strategy within the Federal Government Mission might be "a stronger democracy with limited lobby influence, fairer power sharing, representation or equality "

Political Tactics could be:

1) Force National Referendum votes to place populist legislation on the ballot or force politicians to act on populist reforms.

2) Use the Internet, on-line forums, blogging, alternative news reporting to spread education on US History, US Politics, Media Spin, Propaganda, Money's Influence, Lobbying, Transparency's Magic, Central Banks, etc.

3) Use the Internet for activism.

4) Writing, Phoning, and campaigning your congressmen.

5) Forming local groups, campaigns, and protests.

6) Bring activism to the Arts: songs, plays, performances, magazines or TV, screen plays, advertising spots or commercials, cartoons, etc.

7) Teach government, business ethics, lobbying, elections, democracy, banking, in youth groups, summer schools, and K-12 education.

8) Promote Invention and Innovation, through contests, small education grants of $1000 for grade schools, $2000 for middle schools, $5000 for High Schools for projects in chemistry, wood shop, metal shop, computer building , robotics, innovative classes exploring ethical democracy.

9) Promote new Education Career Tracks that would allow high school aged children to enter tech schools, service industry schools, pre-college, computer science, engineering, etc.

10) Promote college and university reform toward Applied Learning like agriculture techniques (set up a greenhouse), business techniques (set up a business), engineering projects, engineering grants, engineering contests, food science, energy projects, city planning, city architecture.

11) Force established business enterprises to stand on their own without government subsidies.

12) Make sure that the Risks of complicated and expensive compensation packages paid by corporate board of directors to their Executives are well known by investors and those on Main Street that enter into contracts for services and products (disclosure of high risk).

13) After Campaign Finance Reform establish a minimum of free air time on radio, TV, and cable, for political candidates running for election either at state, local or national level (say 30 minutes per month for all candidates (nationalized 30 minutes per candidate per month for 6 months prior to election day)

National Goals could be ANY of the following ideas:

1) Limited power of money in elections, political appointments court systems.

2) Simple, Clear standards of conduct to remove influence on politicians and civil servants.

3) Simple, Clear prohibitions against decision makers in government from leaving for higher benefits and pay packages in the private industry their official duties interfaced with. This would apply also to taking jobs within the corporation or business under a subsidiary or shell corporation.

4) Elimination of the Banking Government System (BGS) through prohibitions, standards, and recognition of the relationships between banking/fiance and all levels of government.

5) Phase out of the private central bank known as the Federal Reserve.

6) Adoption of a policy of US Treasury money creation without the use of bonds or loans that must be paid back to predator bankers. Rather, money is created by simple backing of the country by reputation not by assets, collateral, or asset backed securities. This goal could eliminate federal government debt unless debt is created to provide stability to a foreign nation.

7) solving the debt problem when coupled with a reformed tax system: simple, progressive and without loop holes. Also scrubbing and strengthening the regulatory system of the loopholes and removing the corruption in it, is critical. It is time for us to pull on the rope, together.

8) Reduce power of Think Tanks through creation of requirements for transparency.

9) Reduce power of Political Action Committees.

10) Reduce power of few people or corporations owning national media.



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[-] 0 points by Odin (583) 8 years ago

You have some good ideas than many of us already know about, and you state the obvious quite a bit. We are not ready to ask for solutions or propse them yet, as we do not want them to be addressed in the ways of the past with band-aid fixes. To put simply, we are not finished rocking the crappy foundation of this corrupt system. Only then will we have the chance for a sea change in the way our political and financial institutions are run.

[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 8 years ago

Sounds fair enough.

I wanted to post it because of something I saw someone else post. So maybe I posted it to help the younger people. I also have worked some things that were structured to lay things out formally. Maybe the structure will help someone.

[-] 0 points by Odin (583) 8 years ago

Yes I am sure this will be helpful to many of the younger people and others. However many of the young people in NYC anyway have learned from the many teach-ins that have been conducted by OWS. Often professors from nearby universities have taught these classes. In many ways, it's the middle-age people who do not understand what has gone on and continues to do so. Why? Because they are busy raising children, working and all that goes with it. I was remarkably naieve as to what was going on in the world back in those years. Too busy. So i guess my criticism might not be valid. Sorry.

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 8 years ago

Okay. No Problem. Actually I have real world experience.