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Forum Post: the courts not wall street make the laws

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 14, 2012, 5:28 p.m. EST by thecourtsnotwallstreet (0)
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Firstly, please stop disobeying the laws. Then second, the pen is mightier than the sword. Wall Street does not make the laws. Even in Civil Court you have no chance. Follow me on this: the judges are elected. The judges need money. They need campaign funds. Years ago a lawyer girlfriend asked me if I wanted to go to a 3000 dollar per person night at a disco for a judge (no drinks included, nothing), as she explained to me it was just something you had to do as a law firm. And I am sure this is tiny. So you go into court and guess what?? You are not going to be able to get anywhere. No where. It is there ball and their bad. And yes, you are noticing that there is something wrong. But you are in the wrong hood. It's the courts, the lawmakers who are in bed with the moneyed businesses that are making the rules. While we still have some power left move your power to where the laws are made. What does Wall Street care? They have the courts in their pocket. Please. Please wake up to this. And start small, start with the Civil Court where it starts and then the Supreme Court. And when they start to get the message move on to Washington. Tell them we don't want our "Civil Court" judges elected. We want them nominated just as they are in housing court where at least if there is a problem you can complain. Did you ever try to complain about a Civil Court judge? Try it. Then it goes to the rubber stamping Appellate Term. Unstack the deck against us. Write. Obey the laws. But show them this system is not working for us.



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