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Forum Post: Paedophelia And The Elite, The children that were never officially missed

Posted 8 years ago on Dec. 5, 2011, 1:33 p.m. EST by Danaan (96)
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It is amazing that still now after all this time no one wonders about the missed children. On average one in 1000. GONE! And everybody is asking where the money went. No one acts on the perpetrators. Well you should know that the same bankers and top rich that stole the money also are involved in the disappearance of children. Money means nothing, it is not worth anything in the end, Childs lives is. Do not let the elite kidnap and kill more of our children. They can now because the press is in their hands. Occupy DO something NOW! Spread these links and lift the thugs! Keep this link on top. Thank you from us and Im sure you get a thank you also from the millions of kids who cannot speak anymore as they lost their lives to these thugs.

-Paedos in one big ring across the whole western world!



-Paedophiles in England who are of the highest in society go free.


-The queens and kings of Europe have a hunting ground in Afrika, this can be used to hunt people as well.


-Children from USA and Europe end in slavery.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Child_labour#Involved_Countries http://childslaves.blogspot.com/

USA and Europe even allow whole etnicities to be deleted so do not think they care about children one bit.



-US police refuse to report file


-baby raped in CPS, state protects them.


-Holly Greig is a link to the western world big pedophile ring that killed Maddy Mc Cann, yet she is silenced.


-Canadian kids killed by the elite for thrills.




The donation of Constantine is a document that can be used against you as a landowner as well if you buy land. also look at the links on the right there.

-Spains stolen babies


-Vatican childabuse


-Senator speaks up on CPS Child Trafficking


-Holland Dutch cps steal children


-Childservices across the world are turned into corporations, what is a corporation?




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[-] 2 points by Mowat (164) 8 years ago

Evil bastards sold themselves to Satan.

Will end up in Hellfire where they belong.

[-] 1 points by truth2012 (43) 8 years ago

Its about f**king time too. The children have suffered enough. Its time for the criminally insane elite to suffer.

[-] 2 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 8 years ago


keep up the good work, please visit the wiki.

[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 8 years ago

Wow i had not seen that link. Thanks a lot for that.

[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 8 years ago

so honoured, wow

[-] 2 points by Renaye (522) 8 years ago

Paedophelia amongst the elite is common. I think that is a part of the reason this police state and government control of the net is happening, because too much is getting out and its making the elite nervous. Please keep posting these important videos. The elites themselves were sexually abused and tortured as well, but at some point, the age of reason has to take over and they know they are committing crimes.

[-] 0 points by kingscrossection (1203) 8 years ago

Paedophelia amongst the poor is less common to but that is because there are more people to hide the problems.

[-] 1 points by Renaye (522) 8 years ago

I sincerely hope you are not speaking from experience. Interesting username you have....hmmm. (at a crossroads with the kings?)

Pervy uncle Joe is a massive problem, to be sure. The difference with the elite though is that the paedophelia they are exposed to as children and then encouraged to inflict on the following generations is the fear that is intentionally instilled in them by the older elite through torture in order to keep them "in line" so they can be controlled for the rest of their lives through, not only the fear of their own personal mind control nightmare, but also the fear of exposure and blackmail. Aside from money, this is the other part of how the elite have managed to get so far in their criminally insane agenda. It is frightening how these damaged people are the ones who have control over policy and decisions that affect the lives of the masses. Take care...

[-] 1 points by kingscrossection (1203) 8 years ago

Sort of a reference to Oedipus Rex

[-] 1 points by hamalmang (722) from Lebanon, PA 8 years ago

Your name always reminds me of Harry Potter. Every time. Sorry.

[-] 1 points by kingscrossection (1203) 8 years ago

It was never the intention. Actually a very subdued hint towards Oedipus Rex.

[-] 0 points by Renaye (522) 8 years ago

That's pretty deep for someone who's 16 years old. Good for you!

[-] 1 points by kingscrossection (1203) 8 years ago

Thank you.

[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 7 years ago

A whole site on childabuse by the government can be found here: http://powervideotube.com/view_channel.php?user=iamnotanumber this is the latest video http://powervideotube.com/watch_video.php?v=XG3R4SX4OYYU

[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 7 years ago

http://vimeo.com/user9574826/videos Interview on pedofiles in the Dutch Holland trafficking children under so called privatised child social services.

[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 8 years ago

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2085163/Children-dumped-streets-Greek-parents-afford-them.html seen this post today but strangely it speaks of only 4 dumped children and the photo is of a child with a very new expensive musical instrument. odd news from mainstream media.

[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 8 years ago

Has anyone verified this? occupy in Greece?

[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 8 years ago

Send unwanted medication up to Greeces needy.

[-] 1 points by truth2012 (43) 8 years ago

It is said this is the year the elite have been working for. I hope they realize this is the year everyone finds out their dirty little secrets too.

[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 8 years ago

Poem from the Mohawk site http://www.molestedcatholics.com/Fighting-the-BEAST-2011 Please print and put up on occupy sites.

More than survivors More than victims More than labels More than myths More than money profiting, healing fables More than PTSD More than flinching when someone inadvertently touches your skin More than the cringing, terrorised child who lives within More than jerky disclosure & decades too late, tears More than token sympathy coming our way More than useless words and prayers today More than shocked looks & rejection fears More than times of washing and washing but NEVER feeling clean More than that curse on childhood from the OBSCENE More than vicarious interest of those spared this fate (they have not a clue) More than evil and more than that word Sin Our Father who art in Heaven Where the Hell were You? ALL GLORY to the motivating, searing anger burning within More than flashbacks More than self hate More than terror More than residual childhood fear More than media coverage & survivor claims for Vatican blood money More than the land of synthetic milk & honey More than all of this We are alive and will NEVER be silent again We will FIGHT and we will fight some more We will take on the Vatican Whore We will fight until our heartbeats cease We will die knowing we individually/collectively fought the Beast We fight solely for the next generation to be safe & strong The only healing worth promoting The only way to right the wrong. That is how we will serve our life sentence so NEVER tell us to be silent We will only rise up more - louder and louder We are only beginning... The fall of the Vatican would be like Heaven for some of us BUT STILL the indoctrinated, teeming minions continue to worship & drink the Whore’s pus... NO MERCY - they showed us children none. Now is our time to reciprocate. P.S. I believe Jesus approves of this.

[-] 1 points by ronimacarroni (1089) 8 years ago

I clicked in some of the links and found no connection.

Seriously folks...

[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 8 years ago

So far only one link has been removed, guess they do not like to be exposed.

[-] 0 points by Renaye (522) 8 years ago

Look again!

[-] 1 points by CobyART5 (59) 8 years ago

Article 5 Convention NOW!

This is how we make sure this stops and our children can live happy and peaceful lives full of love and safety.

We need mothers, mommies, moms and ma's everywhere to rally for what our children need which transcends to what our country and indeed the world needs. If we can do this, our leaders will have no choice but to listen!

In getting familiar with the Article 5 Convention, I was especially drawn to the info regarding the "Greater Meaning of Free Speech" (GMFS) as an amendment to solidify the success that an Article 5 Convention would provide for us. Interesting as well, is that this is not a new concept in that it predates the Declaration of Independence.

Our freedom of speech has been dangerously chipped away at. To have the Greater Meaning of Free Speech etched back into our consciousness and our constitution for our children and our leaders to be protected, indeed encouraged to practice ~"forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, respect, trust, friendship and love, protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."~ as the proposed amendment clarifies.

What mother would not want to ensure her child these freedoms and nurture from these core principles from the earliest stages of life. The GMFS can integrate beautifully into teaching values of positive and productive socialization by children as well as the truth to the people. How could the world's leaders go astray if taught this way, and then to know that they're constitutionally protected throughout their leadership terms, in fact bound by them to stay truthful by virtue of the people they govern having an integral role in keeping the rights of the people from ever straying off course again.

As a mom, my heart aches at how far we've been led away from these teachings. I fear that our country and our globe will not survive if we, one; do not get back to the importance of these fundamental values, and second; take the "Greater Meaning of Free Speech" and the Artcle 5 convention and secure our rights through the constitution.



[-] 1 points by promisy (17) 8 years ago

Paedophelia cover up by elites.


[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 8 years ago

It is said that they feed off fear.

[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 8 years ago

The rituals they do with children prove this.

[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 8 years ago

changed the title so it tells more about the contents.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

Finally! Someone brave enough to bring this elite globalist problem to the forefront. The elite have a lot to hide from, don't they? Thank you. Keep up the exposure!

[-] 2 points by Danaan (96) 8 years ago

Thanks, we will!

[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 8 years ago

We hope you have the courage to make banners.

[-] 1 points by jjuussttmmee (607) 8 years ago

you know 99 SLAVES should be able to subdue 1 MASTER....just saying, why do we let this continue? stand together we are more # than they and their armies are (and we are in their armies too)

[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 8 years ago


[-] 0 points by Renaye (522) 8 years ago

This needs to stay at the top so OWS can see the callousness of the elite that we are dealing with. this is very hard to look at, but let the reality sink in and let's get these criminally insane people out of our decision making offices and into jail cells.

[-] 0 points by foreeverLeft (-264) 8 years ago

I understand many of the elite have personal hygiene issues as well.

[-] 0 points by Renaye (522) 8 years ago

This is a pretty serious issue. Many damaged children. What's your point? Please watch the first movie in the original post. You may not be so flip afterwards.

[-] 0 points by promisy (17) 8 years ago

They're criminally insane! This is what we have running our world?!?!

[-] 0 points by screwtheman (122) 8 years ago

This is the worst post on the whole site. This is why no one it listing to OWS anymore.

[-] -1 points by necropaulis (491) 8 years ago

Are you fucking serious....

[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 8 years ago

i hope you are serious as well.

[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 8 years ago

this is a serious issue.

[-] 2 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

A very serious issue. I know a woman that lost her son to a paedophile father, an attorney with a nambla magazine in his attache. She found it and hasn't seen her son for 15 years. What he told her before he was lost the father working complicit courts confirms all allegations in this thread. And it's worse than we can imagine.

Can we act in the protection of childrens futures or not? Are there laws or are there not? Can we unify in using law to protect children or not? Are we decent people or are we not?

Those that have the social courage, get involved with addressing congress with this info.

[-] -2 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

Conspiracy theorists are a hardy laugh and two chuckles. What a waste of brain power.

[-] 1 points by Danaan (96) 8 years ago

Look up whar conspiracy means in the dictionary. All the people are in occupy wall street because of a conspiracy!