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Forum Post: The Cabal Dung Is About To Hit The Circular Oscillator

Posted 12 years ago on Jan. 17, 2012, 2:31 p.m. EST by Thrive (29)
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The White Hats have not disappeared and we did not take time for the holidays. Instead, we went underground, deeper into the world of the Cabal and some of us have just surfaced. As you will soon be able to ascertain through the media, we have been quietly helping things be put in place to finally see the exposure of most all the dirty and inept politicians, experts, agencies, etc.

This preview is not meant to be superfluous, nor full of unnecessary "witty" remarks. It is intended for the serious people around the world so they will recognize the efforts of the injured parties who are doing something to save the world’s countries from simultaneous financial collapse and takeover by the Cabal. We suggest everyone keep an eye and ear on the inner sanctums of Great Britain as the exposure is delivered to that great sovereign body.

You will be able to ascertain who, how much, where the monies, and credits, of the world were tampered with by the greedy thieving individuals acting alone and in concert. You will be able to perceive that they even (surprise, surprise) stole from each other. It will also become apparent that the criminals, as they try to get the Dark Cabal-backed Mitt Romneys of the world elected, continue the onslaught against humanity.

The White Hats will be providing the reports as the information is made available to more coalitions and bodies in other countries to make sure everyone has a chance to address the criminals as is necessary. We trust they will be addressed in the manner they deserve.

It is our hope and desire that readers at all levels worldwide laud the efforts of entities such as Falcone, Tropos, ARGO, CBIC, and others to gather the truth that is being forwarded to OUR trusted authorities, NOT the criminal elite’s trusted authorities. It is well known that some agencies are permeated by many of the participating criminals, making it difficult to bring the Cabal into the limelight, but it’s happening despite the best efforts of the old Dark-Side Cabal cronies.

In the past when we reported new facts and events, the Dark Cabal was severely damaged, but not eliminated. As we continued to watch their every move, the Cabal reacted by trying to move and disguise their stolen funds throughout the world banking systems. At this moment their end is fast approaching, as a quiet strategic international task force has been working to reveal and bring the entire Dark Cabal to justice. Again, keep an eye and ear on the hallowed halls of the United Kingdom as the exposure and pressure mounts.

It’s time to sit back and pop your corn, the parade is about to start. Posted by The White Hat Reporters at 2:41 PM



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