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Forum Post: The 10-10-10 Plan for Economic Justice:

Posted 3 years ago on Nov. 24, 2011, 9:13 a.m. EST by lgarz (287) from New York, NY
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Nowadays all we hear from the Right is that the only way we can save our economy is to cut the budget, but there is another way, a patriotic way, a good old American way that no one is talking about. I think we should raise the tax rate on the top 10% by 10% for the next 10 years, and when the Budget is balanced we can talk about a tax cut.

There is nothing wrong with the American economy that raising taxes 10% on Millionaires won’t cure. When cutting a poor mothers milk money by $10 results in real pain, no one can make a credible argument that an Aristocrat who’s worth $100 Billion will suffer a hardship because he only makes $90 Billion. But, all we hear from the Right is that we have to cut the budget. And, they say that to save some faceless Billionaire what amounts to pocket change.

Simply put, to save an aristocratic Billionaire a few dollars, Republicans want to cut Grandma’s Social security, and Grandpa’s Medicaid. To save a few pennies for a Billionaire Republicans want us to fire teachers, cut Firemen pensions, and slash Police Officer salaries. To save a few bucks for Billionaires, Conservatives think we have to allow our roads to crumble, our bridges to rust away, our Airports to fall apart, and our Trains to break down. To save a few Shekels for some Billionaires, Conservatives say we can’t afford schools for our kids or Hi Speed rail for our commuters or Health Care for the sick.

In Republican world, we can’t pay for a workingman’s lung transplant, we can’t clean Snow off our streets, and Firemen have to stand idly by while a Family’s house burns to the Ground. To save a few coins for a Billionaire Republicans can’t protect New Orleans from a hurricane, or Detroit from a Depression, or New York from a stock market crash. Raising taxes 10% on the top 10% for 10 years can change all that.

Our Economy didn’t fall off a cliff because teachers were making too much money. It fell off a cliff because Billionaires were making too much money. Our economy didn’t stall because a Fireman was getting a huge pension. It stalled because failed CEO’s were getting huge “Golden Parachutes” for tanking the economy! Union worker salaries didn’t drive our economy into a ditch. Undeserved Wall Street bonuses did.

I’m not an economic genius, but it seems to me that when a consumer economy is stalled, it means you have to get more money to consumers. On the other hand, giving m