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Forum Post: Temporary Solutions are Not Solutions

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 27, 2011, 10:55 a.m. EST by andreyeampierre (3)
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The idea that we need a Tax is the only reason we have an economic system in place. Its not needed for the world to operate but it is desired by the government. I am saying removing a currency system all together. All matter can be calculated and the only short coming we have is the amount of money we will have to distribute to the masses. This is the reason for all injustices in the world. Remove it. Its an illusion that we need it and its a piece of history that has not changed throughout all working governments including communism. If all working governments stop with this imbalance then true order can be put in place. The working governments don't want people to understand that because it allows them to hold us back from travel, education, training, health and freedom to follow desires. REMOVE IT COMPLETELY even if it sounds extreme it is a solution. not temporary but indefinite. All other short comings from all historical events come from fighting for value placed by money or short comings that are not distributed evenly. This Idea blesses all of the world even the top 1% who are miserable but surrounded by the illusion of comfort and security. Simple idea. remove the system for efficiency... do the math and in 10 years we know, how many will be alive, how much we'll need and the only element that falls short of our needs is the amount of money required to care for all of them. The world is changing and they are going to give ALL MANKIND a solution but I am tired of temporary solution. FIX THE PROBLEM remove the System and balance out our time that we are only trading for money anyways... so they can tax us and NOT DO THEIR JOB.



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[-] 1 points by andreyeampierre (3) 12 years ago

a woman told me she worked at a hotel for 14 years and is excited about finally making it to have a month vacation for her dedication to her job. A slave that feels lucky that she can take a break at 50 years old.

my parents spend their free time to help veterans receive benefits from our governments. These are everyday people who have taken lives and almost been killed for their country but normally joined the service because they believe they are making a difference in the world yet its a year long fight for most to get these benefits.

I met a truck driver who was sitting alone and I asked him why are you chilling by yourself and he said that i don't really have any friends. So what are you doing... he tells me that he finally retired at 65 and he is glad he is hanging out...If you know a truck driver you know they are never with their family but the reason for their actions is to feed and care for the ones he loves the most. He tells me "You know how many people ate because of the food I delivered?" Another slave that is left alone and unappreciated but his life cannot be relived.

We are all slaves to this system... talk to the door greater at walmart and ask why are you working at 75 years old and more then likely its financial insecurity... If its not... then its because they wants to work. We have to continue to work but we don't have to support their system.

I'm giving you real direction to your cause and this is the only footing you need to make a real change. Scream Freedom and share with others that its not considered "possible" doesn't mean its not "plausible." Believe in your dreams and look at the ones you love and their misfortune and tell me 9 out of 10 aren't effected by this currency system that is not needed in the world.

Fight and Protest but more importantly spread the word how we are going to fix it all... andreyeampierre@ yahoo.com

[-] 1 points by andreyeampierre (3) 12 years ago

find me online at andreyeampierre@ yahoo.com and follow my facebook for more ideas how to relay this simple message. you are all correct its a jacked up system designed to fail but spread the word that is not NEEDED. Its wanted by the government but no matter what WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT... all you have to do is stop using it. Everyone all at once. Continue to work just don't trade their currency... Work is needed... THINGS NEED TO FUNCTION but not at their pace. This idea means no more war... no more hunger... no more borders. Freedom from limitations that are controlled by this system. If you are going to be out in the street demand WORLD PEACE. DEMAND FREEDOM from any form of control.