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Forum Post: Teens in the MAGA hats

Posted 2 years ago on Feb. 2, 2019, 7:28 p.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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As a woman there is something instantly recognizable about this kid's behavior. I've felt it before. Not having walked in a woman or elderly persons shoes, these boy can't but should realize that triggering sensation when a group of males drops their sense of decency from the safety of their numbers. For a woman or vulnerable elderly person even just two men suddenly dropping down their maturity level can feel extremely intimidating. Yes there is something about that, understanding that someone stronger than you, has just relinquished his sense of responsibility to a group and reverted to behavior that has lost a moral compass or sense of maturity, respect, and decency of other people - and the fear that you suddenly are in a situation that feels like a pack of wolves circling prey. I have felt that before. And I think most women will say that it trips off their intuition the moment it begins to happen and have felt it too. Two drunk men walking down the street behind you laughing or saying inappropriate things. A group of male teens laughing that screech filled barely out of puberty laugh and you really can't be sure what they are laughing at but you don't want to stay around to find out if it will be to victimize you. A couple of male superiors at work - elbow elbow 'teenage laugh'. Is there a name for this behavior? While the transcript says hey nothing has happened yet...there is certainly an un-namable threat taking place and a feeling that it will; When grown men stop policing their own behavior and begin to act like children; When men and teenagers about to be men - allow themselves to behave like jackasses and Hyenas; They have to be conscious of the way this comes off to others. This is called a social conscience, and if one possesses a moral compass - than they can't be without the latter. We know the dangers of group think. To the men of this world - think for yourself and don't allow the men you are with to drag your behavior into the mud. There is no excuse. In the end, the person who has to answer = you.



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[-] 1 points by factsrfun (8300) from Phoenix, AZ 2 years ago

MAGA hat is the new Brown Shirt.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 2 years ago

or Red Shirts. The group think happening now is scary. But you know Wallstreet is corralling everyone into their team corners so we won't look to closely at all the anti-individual culture being propagandized to the masses, laws being lobbied, written, and passed by corporate revolving door politicians on both sides. Group thinkers are easy to control and gear to carry out WS elite evil plots and greedy desires.

Meanwhile, healthcare in our country is determined by a financial death boards and insurance companies. We are quickly turning into a third world nation and our people ALL of us are eating food and drinking water poisoned by chemicals, saddled with debt, and struggling to find and keep meaningful labor, forget about starting a business in the WS swamp. First world countries put people before profits. We no longer do that in America, and when we did it was because people fought for the individual. They didn't fight to defeat the individual. Sheer group think stupidity has taken effect.

Rage against the machine and group think. The best thing one can do for society is to think for oneself and swim against the current and culture of the day. Don't run in the same direction as the rest of the prey. It may be instinct in animals to do it, but humans need to be more evolved than that because it only works if you are cattle.

That whole MAGA hat display was a display of GROUP THINK at its worst - and yes that's what lead to whole groups of people condoning and dragging their fellow humans into the ovens in the Holocaust. I trust a person, but never a group.

I'm quite happy to see Cortez fighting against the establishment and an actual politician fighting for the individual. Socialism is good for the individual, Corporatism is good for the one percent and seeks to destroy individuals to communize and colonize us for their own benefit. When people try to compare Socialism to Hitler or Communism - they really aren't recognizing that Socialism in a DEMOCRACY with checks and balances is far safer than privatization which has no checks or balances because it operates outside of those checks and balances. Privitization is far closer to Communism than people realize. Checks and balances are what keeps government free from corruption. You take public transit - if I want to find out if a corporate board member has a conflict of interest to have a train stop routed to say their brand new development - we have no way to dig into that. If it was a government agency then the public as well as attorneys general have the right to oversight and find out about conflicts of interest etc. Privatization is dirty pool. Socialism is not without it's problems, but there is recourse and checks on public corruption and RECORDS which the public has the right to access. If you want to talk about corruption - what better way for a crooked politician to outsource labor and tasks to a private group where records could be kept on the moon and the public has to wait for search warrants and investigations to conclude before any info is released as well as records tend to disappear into a black hole by the time that all happens. Whatever is being done with taxpayer funds must have easy/ convenient, fast and affordable checks and balances and be fully open to the public.

Privitization is a fancy way for politicians to use taxpayer money to their own benefit and then hide that activity behind a corporate entity.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Whether red shirts or brown shirts, I don't want mind gags like those of the Great-Walled-In countries such as Red China and Venezuela to happen here except to false information.

The late Hugo Chávez got intelligence information about the U.S. from the Cubans so we are likely in yet another Cuban "Crisis" now as we did in 1962. Beware of the lure of "Socialism" if it's hijacked by demagogues. These are signs of demagogues: Egotism (far more than a preacher, on most days Hugo Chávez talked on TV for hours!) Strict punishments for anyone interfering with the party line (김정은 de facto murdered Otto Warmbier for stealing a poster) Knocking out internet connections (Nicolás Maduro's Venezuela) Political slogans appearing as prefaces in inappropriate or irrelevant context ("German Science" or "Heil Hitler!")

I can countenance using "German Science" as a shorthand for the portion of Science done by the German Culture but it revealed its political color when the practitioners of "German Science" started to suppress "Jewish Science" as being inferior and to be cleansed. Hiroshima and Nagasaki found "Jewish Science" to be far too real.

Yeah, I am writing with American electrons. One must NEVER read any writing done with red or brown [bloody shitty] electrons. Some countries (Mad-euro) have invented bloody period shitronics. Gasp! They afford tampons.

I think that Vladimir Putin bleeds gold through his fistula in Venezuela so he tries to suck it all back in with the Russian-speaking "Martians" some of whom in East Ukraine were wearing and chomping on their honey-sweet baclavas, far better tasting than Syrian dust, for sure. Some U.S. teens who don MAGA hats presumably doff condoms to go twinkie-raw to obey God. The Red Chinese had tried to prop up the Chávez/Maduro regimes but gave up in disgust and cut its losses. Russia was obviously lousier than Red China in business acumen. Maybe Russia is still stuck in the "Hail Mao!" phase of enlightenment. I was shocked when I found Mao's sayings in something mathematical!

Yeah, the Red Chinese should be inventing Xi-Math ( Ξ-, ξ-Math ) anytime now to take us all out of "The Cave" which Xi was familiar with from his Reader-than-Read childhood. The Reader's Digest was very enlightening when I was sitting "Carpe Diem" on my kiddie throne ( which my Brother serviced regularly, thank God who works in "mysterious ways," for giving me a Big Brother! I believed that God had eavesdropped on my origin query with my Mom because He guided me to choose the bidét for my Baptism. "Mom, where did I come from?" "I picked you up from the public toilet bowl." I instantly clammed up because I had toured the public toilet accompanying my Brother once and once only on his stinky service trips. Even after reading my Brother's high-school Biology textbook and figuring out my origin out of the middle hole between the peehole and the poophole, I still marveled at God's wisdom in choosing the water from a bidét to baptize me -- I literally needed it at ¿Birth? and Rebirth; I suspected that my Mom likely lied to me about my origin, for I had never seen her, a female with a sense of smell superior to a male's, going there; it engendered skepticism in me. 》Zitat von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Eigentlich weiß man nur, wenn man wenig weiß. Mit dem Wissen wächst der Zweifel.《 ) so I highly recommend it to Xi for understanding American Culture with its myriad advertisements of painkillers. Before it is stolen, I seized the toilet paper. Not conversant in Muslim chirality yet, it's my etiquette-survival instinct at work! I wasn't surprised how our left-handed former Presidents had messed up so badly handling the Muslim Middle East.

The "warm Comrades," the Cubans, might have hacked into Hillary Clinton's email (private server to hide shady slush from public scrutiny) correspondence/U.S. State Department. Of course, we are still waiting for the release of Donald J. Trump's income tax returns which he has promised to release when the I.R.S. finishes auditing them. Yeah, right, the I.R.S. couldn't finish auditing due to its funding being hampered by Hair Little Finger for his pet peeve (if it were such an emergency, it would have been prioritized before the trillions of dollars of tax cuts for the wealthy buying-the-government class and done in the first two years,) "the Wall." @0:46 the Captain said,"There is nothing in the North except ice, war, and violence." "Winter is coming." Yes, not from the South, the Whitewalkers are converging here for a feast in the Russian Tea Room.. from Russia with Love. Where is Dirty Hairy? Conferring in the Black Sea with the Pootin "on vacation" there again?! We need him on Fifth Avenue burning the books to ward off the Whitewalkers. How many tons of liquid gold (AutoWarmBeer) did he piss off to Russia in return for Rosy "Black Gold?"

Learn @9:02 the human-life-first principle from what had happened to the Russian sailors trapped in the nuclear submarine Kursk. I remember from that time that the Norwegians who had deep-diving technology for working with their North Sea gas and oil rigs offered help. The Brits, though less capable than the Norwegians (some of the Norwegian wells were deepwater ones so Norway was more capable in equipments -- Global Plutonium Association Lesson four: Davy Jones' Locker holds much "rich man's treasure," the most poisonous metal: "I did not inhale!") also tried to help but there was the Russian pride (maybe indecisiveness due to Vladimir Putin's being "on vacation" near the Black Sea and/or the lingering Cold War mentality of safeguarding Russia's national nuclear "secrets") blocking the way and delaying the rescue response. As it was said, "The rest is high story!" Watch @25:00 at how Russia's government "treated" (jabbed from behind with a hypothermic needle) the mother of a sailor on the sunken Kursk. This is why I hated the way Russia's government lied and treated its own people. Russia needs to sort its trash and recycle rather than designing more intermediate-range weapons that are unlikely ever to be deployed. Recycling creates jobs and a higher quality of life. I was impressed by how green Germany is, environmentally, forest-wise, as well as U.S. greenback cash in its pockets, despite its being very urbanized. Germany is very strict on recycling. High expectations breed high achievements, to some initial extent at least. West Germany was much greener than East Germany and richer, too. Reduce, reuse, and recycle allow wealth accumulation by improving material usage efficiencies. "Stealthy, healthy, and wealthy." Most great breakthroughs for human civilizations originated from efficiency improvements. Things got vastly cheaper on a per-unit basis, such as the number of transistors per penny, tons of goods shipped per hundred nautical miles per dollar, etc.

It was absolutely harebrained for Russia to blame the U.S. for sinking the Kursk as an excuse because the U.S. surely knew that the Kursk packed quite a big punch. Why would the U.S. ever risk going where the hostilities might lead? I was ever afraid of the leviathans and their armaments since the 1960s: Polaris, Poseidon, etc., when a global thermonuclear war almost broke out. The U.S. has leviathans out there, too. Nightmarish if used.

Note: The U.S. is not trying to surround Russia or China with military bases. They are so-called "surrounded" because they disallow U.S. putting military bases on their soil. Most other countries are fine with the U.S. stationing troops on their soil because the primary purpose of the bases is to reduce the response times to global security emergencies. The U.S. has the global trade security to maintain which has underpinned the greatest growth of prosperity the World has ever experienced once the U.S. achieved global eminence after the end of World War II. Fewer than a handful of countries worldwide lack diplomatic relations with the U.S. so we are at least on talking terms with almost everybody's country. It's a unique U.S. problem that we withdrew from so many countries where we had fought wars -- people say that they defeated the U.S.! In that sense, the U.S. is surely "the most defeated country." Did you know that I myself defeated about two hundred countries in the whole world since their peoples had invaded New York City and I have still preserved U.S. sovereignty? I defeated them so they withdrew to their own countries. Of course, I'm a perennial sucker so I have invited more of them to come. A rotting Big Apple surrounding our sewage drainage ditch (the East River) can surely feed more worms than just our Shittoad-in-Chief! Welcome, my beloved worms, "And you bet your pee-pee, baby," (because it can be very rough and tough around Manhattanhenge so "decompression" to upstate New York in the olden days before refrigeration had been invented or widespread {which made temperature much worse at its exhaust end} was necessary for surviving with some sanity the hot dog days of summer -- remember the watermelons?) Pebble Beach is for shittoad golf-matings, bon appétit! Are Moldova's chocolates/wines gourmet?

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 2 years ago

And this is where empathy and self awareness come in to play. It's very easy if we are not constantly evaluating ourselves for the human brain to go into denial and delusion to believe we are on the side of righteousness while in reality we can be totally wrong. As well as group think - choice blindness and black and white thinking have really taken a foothold on this nation. Maybe because my generation was constantly being criticized by their parents we just ended up in a state of perpetual self-examination thrown in with a bit of questioning our authority? More likely it's because we had to critically think about solutions and answers without the internet easy button answers which is making critical thought an endangered thing. I don't know if that is generational and I don't really think people should go around criticizing or abusing their kids but I think for some reason we are losing the PHILOSOPHY of ego check in our all or nothing survival of the fittest limited resources "PICK A SIDE" propaganda days. And the media and the KOCH BROTHERS are definitely stoking this fire. Did they stop teaching PHILOSOPHY in school? I seem to remember I had quite a bit of it in school - are we losing that?

Just exactly when did philosophizing aka THINKING! come to be seen as being soft? In this age Socrates would be called a Snow Flake and be viewed as "soft". They'd probably come up with some clever name and start calling him Snow Flakecrates or something. I mean we really need to see this type of propaganda for what it is. Really it is designed to control people. To subdue them and coral them. And I agree the ego can be a dangerous thing. But discussion of this is now "mumbo jumbo" in the Age of Wall Street and HARD ASS Politics Anti-Philosophy (ANTI - THINKING?!) days. Hard Ass Politics *Coined?. You could flip a quarter off those close minded tightly clenched cheeks. It seems it doesn't matter if you're right anymore it just matters if you say it like you are and stick to those guns no matter what new information arises (just keep blocking it out) and restating the same phrases like a broken record. Say something stupid and as long as you do it with authority - what- it seems like you know what you're talking about? I guess these are the same people buying some home shopping gadget. Repeat a lie enough times... it slices and dices. Slice and dice politics (coined).

It comes down to one simple thing: Always reserve the right to change your mind. Just because you think something once doesn't mean you can't adapt change that view. Hey guess what - I've changed my mind. That happens. That's how we grow. Holy Shit imagine that.