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Forum Post: Technological Warfare - Coroprations Fight Dirty

Posted 1 year ago on July 30, 2020, 11:06 a.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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The gaping hole in the SS7 system that allows any Tom Dick or vengeful political opponent directly into your phone, your private home and conversations as a literal fly on the wall is something rarely spoken about. When Veritas used these dirty tactics to wage war on the average citizen it is something that should have shocked the awareness of this nation. I worry not because I am a celebrity or someone with something to hide, but because I am an average citizen with a voice and opinions that some may wish to silence.

Free and private thought is one of the most basic elements of democracy. What does it say when anyone really with the capability can access your private world, and use it to covertly destroy not just political opponents, but use it as a means for any nefarious spiteful or petty vengeances. For instance you go up against developers in your local community, suddenly you find your creative work or ideas being spread around to others. They have an IT person on board or somehow they are able to get in just with the phone number you used to contact city officials and attack you without even a trace despite a trail of damage to your life. If nothing else it certainly distracts you from your political actions.

This cowardly warfare is happening. With little trace or proof how can the average person fight back? How especially can we fight back when our opponents in fact control the very devices we would use to fight back? Eviscerating our privacy and private worlds?

Politicians pretend to be mad at Google and Facebook while they eliminate protections such as Net Neutrality and continue to allow companies such as MSpy to operate which enables people to spy on their fellow citizens with little trace. Actions speak much louder than their hollow words.

Unless we also make technology more user friendly as far as identifying viruses, hacking, spyware etc and outlaw apps from tracking us - or those that track others - then we are enabling the end of freedom. The technology companies have made security their last concern, because they too are happily lapping up our private lives and data installing their own backdoors into our private worlds. The possibility that they are using our microphones to spy on our words and conversations should have as burning our devices. When we have reached a day when a doxer or hacker can covertly destroy a person without a trace, the American population should be screaming to the rafters for protection not just for those accessing these loopholes, but for the very companies who allow them to exist and who also use our own devices against us to undermine our freedom. The freedom to not be tracked, to not be wearing a technological fascist armband or barcode. To not have any Tom Dick or asshole or CORPORATION record and spy on your intimate moments or when Veritas can destroy political opponents using illegal and nefarious dirty cowardly means and it's barely a blip in any major news outlet.

We are losing our most basic precious freedoms. Our reality has become worse than any Orwellian predictions and that is for the fact that OUR politicians haven't the will or desire to protect us.



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[-] 2 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

"‘We Will Coup Whoever We Want’: Elon Musk & the Overthrow of Democracy in Bolivia"! - by Vijay Prashad and Alijandro Bejarono:

caveat actor ...

[-] 2 points by elf3 (4203) 1 year ago

Well I have seen about twenty headlines this morning about Ellen DeGeneres mistreating her staff or whatever - do people really still watch television? But nothing about Elon Musk making this disgusting statement about the way he views OUR world - which is to believe he is in charge and using poor nations as a personal candy store. Not unfortunately surprising. And not surprising still is that the internet tells us that the big story is Ellen DeGeneres?

Politicians worship the false god of money and regular people are just watching this wondering how these Epsteins keep getting elected, salivating over the tech giants who stuff their portfolios and pillage the masses. This is the story throughout all of human history but I doubt if we have ever been in as much danger as losing to it as we are now.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

And meanwhile "As the social safety net is shredded, new data shows that billionaires & corporations are refusing to pay hundreds of billions of dollars of owed taxes every single year." - from:

radix omnium malorum est cupiditas ...

(love of money is the root of all evil ...)

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 1 year ago

Yes I've been on the phone constantly to politicians about this matter. Usually no answer or a confused young person who sounds like this is their first job or internship answers I wonder what their bennies for life are calls back and gives you a pre-scripted run-around. I now just call up and scream at the recording to vent frustration. When it beeps...I call back. In case anyone is wondering - Corporations which are operating as essential businesses - DO NOT BELIEVE IN COVID. As the general public argues over masks but essential workers continue to be exposed in completely unsanitary work conditions everyday. I've heard it more than once "they are lucky to have a job" and I'm just astonished that anyone believes they have a choice. This propaganda is no different than the deck hands on the Titanic telling the lower class they would be assured of getting in a boat after the first class citizens are rescued. I'm deeply concerned over the CHOSEN ignorance of our citizens and the utter selfish narcissism running rampant. And yet the philanthropic confessions are puke worthy - on social media and news - I run /walk/ bike for this! I do that! I care more than you! I'm involved in getting pencils for my kids school! I support out workers - we are in this together!!!. If they truly cared we wouldn't be in this mess. People are so damn full of shit these days. Ignorance is not bliss and positivity doesn't cover the stench of the bullshit pile so large you could see it from Jeff Bezo'slittle man rocket to anti-unionization station. And while I'm at this female talking heads must wear a suit to work because you aren't pin-up girls from a 1950's poster and your job isn't to inspire little girls everywhere to give men morning wood. Is that what you went to college for? If you want to be taken seriously - dress that way. Oh I forgot the news is like watching an episode of Star Search or American Idol and about as useless.

Suits too movement? Or how about we at least bring back journalistic reporting?

If essential workers are so essential than why aren't they getting hazard pay? Never hear this question on the news. While a good portion of American Assholes are home barbequing and social gathering essential workers are being overworked, over-loaded, and stress managed to keep up with the new demands and workloads. I've heard more than once "they are lucky to have a job". As they carry the entire economy and tax load. One politician office who is also a Democrat told me it's important WE get the economy moving. Who is and has been keeping it moving... ALONE!????

And to all the other dickheads - the ones out partying all night blasting boom bass and fireworks who have been giving me murder fantasies grow the FUX up you PETER PAN MANCHILD SHITHEADS who still act like teenagers up until about the age of 50 whatever race creed ethnicity you are - you inspire me to hate your shitty guts and turn into Judge Judy with a bun and that's who I have to be now. GROW THE FUX UP JACKASSES. Man up any day now. Actually woman up cuz I see no other adults here. You have outgrown the diapers, time for some big boy pants SERIOUSLY. WHAT IS GOIN ON? I knew politicians were regressing toward infancy but I used to have hope for the rest of the population. And to Jonny Knoxville - I hope you die suffocating with your head stuck up the back of a dead donkey's ass that died of old age because unlike you I'm not mean to animals for entertainment you sick crap weasel - for ruining men and subsequently our society. BLAME JOHNNIE! I'm with that movement now because the only thing I want I life is peace and quiet. I'll trade all men to have peace and quiet. so call me Karen or whatever sorry I don't desire to live in adult fucking Chuckee Cheese land. By the way here is a little dating tip: the only women who might find this attractive are personality disordered. And to the woman who do...get thee to therapy this guy is going to make it all ...much...worse. So kids - there's more to life than partying and mating focus on you your mind and maturing and you will be in a much better life down the line.

(Says every worn out diner lady or ex stripper and miserable weekend divorced alcoholic former manchild.) Think about it.

Just put away your penis and veegays until you're about 40 or 50 or at least not on the first burner - ouch. Read some books. Learn who you are. Grow.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

A "New Report Reveals US Special Forces Active in 22 African Countries" .. by Alan Macleod:

Thanks and praises for your heartfelt reply above btw & U make all the arguments for raising Class Consciousness and building a Mass Movement to sweep away the Corporate Crapitalism and War Machine racket that makes the U$A, such a demoCRAZY deMOCKERYcy shamocracy! Solidarity!

pax, amor et lux ...

[-] 2 points by elf3 (4203) 1 year ago

Opting in or out should not be the question. Why any company or group is allowed to compile and sell data records on our citizenry is the question. It should be illegal. Period. End of Story. From everything to background checking, to tenant records, to now neighbor and even reputation score profiling, to creating customer profiles - technology has taken an unprecedented and dangerous turn. At least with credit scoring we do have some means for checking or correcting the data although the complete lack of transparency and corporate control of FICO scoring is another story and why the credit system needs an overhaul - but there's a whole new underbelly emerging and they are getting away with it because of terms and conditions that really don't have a choice. Either you have email or you don't sign on. Or you sign that form that let's your company into your phone or don't get the job? So pretty much your ability to function in a modern technological world (or even have a job?) is dependent upon signing away your freedom? This is unacceptable. Everything from HIPPA medical privacy, to if you ever filed for disability, from your sexual likes or your personal matters. These things do not belong in the public domain. As well as since when does being an employer allow you to bypass the constitution or individual rights and freedoms of our democracy? This is crazy!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Maybe we can copyright all of our personal data and sue whoever possesses an unauthorized copy of any and all of such data for monetary and reputation damages. We can help each other by alerting others of the locations of the suspected unauthorized copies of our personal data.

Also any possessor of our personal data must pay a monthly rent to us, like a patent's royalty payment, for a duration not less than the legal enforcement period of a valid patent or until said data have been certified by the renter(s) as having been destroyed. Every copying of such data shall require the prior approval in writing by and registration with the owner of said data. Written authorization must be used for potential legal enforcement actions later on. Financial company is known to have created fake trading transactions of client's account ( probably to stuff away losses from in-house trading.) Should things get really terrible, one may resort to eating the fungus grown from decomposing organic matter such as "wood ears" and mushrooms but know your fungi for some are toxic and others deadly ( one can grow the edible ones in a medium in a disinfected-with-hot-water jar to mitigate this problem of toxins.) Fungi have nutritional profiles closer to that of meats than of vegetables. For example, they tend to have higher protein content. They can help nutritionally by complementing the vegetable greens collected and eaten during terrible times.

Enforcement of such Big Data operations requires Big People operations so we probably need massive netizen participation and enforcement. There shall be the Netizens' Militia for Data-Infringement Investigation and Data-Right Enforcement.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 1 year ago

I am not a product. I'm a living being. Some people do behave like fungus - but mostly corporations do - a great horrible toxic fungus feeding off the living.

It takes a skilled silent army of automatons and scientists to aid and abet corporations and the one percent. Maybe we can start with reform school. How do you implant a soul into someone missing empathy?

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Role reversal taught empathy well quickly to the non-retarded ones.

[-] 2 points by elf3 (4203) 1 year ago

People who have no self-knowledge but judge others are the little Hitlers of our world. Running around "correcting" people is a dangerous business especially when they are flat out wrong. I'm with Ghandi. I'm not however against self defense. Offense is always wrong. People who are always on the offense, thinking they are just "correcting" people do the most harm.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

When was the last time you'd followed Ghandi's example being passive-aggressive in challenging systemic inequities? I don't condone violence for "correcting" other people but how should one deal with "the System?" which just forms a study committee here, fires a female leader there, promotes a dark-skinned person as the new figurehead, or puts out a public notice of "taking full responsibilities" ( frankly, there wasn't much substantive action after doing that in most cases which I had tracked; what do "responsibilities" really mean? A kid beat up his sibling and when the parent imposed "justice," bleated,"Sarry!" Did that stop the next beating? No. There was no sincerity in the "apology." It continued as usual because the state of mind stayed the same as before. )

Otherwise, role reversals take place. Nearly all great modern nations went through that: it's usually called "a Revolution." As my Dad knew, there are ways to prevent a steam boiler from exploding as a ship sinks under the ocean but one needs to know how to do it properly. The best way is to do what the Nazi-German Unterseeboot crew did ( evacuate the so-called enemy { who loves Eier ! } first in a "strategic" retreat, snatched from the jaws of an abysmal so-called "defeat" { the U.S. may well contend for the most "defeated" country in the World because we've withdrawn our troops peacefully of our own accord from so many other countries which were under our military occupation rather than behaving similarly as the late U.S.S.R. did in creating an Empire; being an ally of the U.S. or hosting a U.S. military base confers defense-related advantages to many countries, especially the smaller ones next to or near to greater and more powerful countries; it's not entirely true that the U.S. is occupying and operating hundreds of overseas military bases by force, right? which country volunteers now to host a Red military base? Military power is hard and brittle so it must be used sparingly but its projection worldwide required having much legacy soft power to begin with--I don't recall any country ever having owned such a "measle outbreak" of military bases overseas } Do you still remember? "I'm from the U.S.A. and I'm here to help [with your a c c o u n t i n g in Crime-ia, of course..“塞翁失马,焉知非福”。 to { normalize trade relations } before 2036 which comes sooner than 2040 and definitely before Maoism/Xiism's infinity]." )

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

I couldn't login to my PayPal account anymore because now it requires me to confirm with a smartphone whose number I submitted before. My smartphone was probably zapped to death so I moved its SimCard to another smartphone. PayPal claimed that it had sent confirmation code to that number but I didn't get it. I tried to call up PayPal customer service to resolve this but no one on the other end was picking up the call ( had they just twitched a bit and died on the job due to COVID-19 as the surveillance videos from Red China had shown? if yes, I forgive PayPal. I appreciate whoever posted those videos to convince people that this thing was actually killing people while they were working on their jobs: very scary but I got the message that this was REAL. I hope that our "being-nice-by-hiding-unpleasantness" culture doesn't get into the way of letting people understand how bad it got over there; I wasn't "over there" but I was convinced that they weren't "acting" so realistically in the videos { I saw how a dove/pigeon was suffocated to death so it was the same twitching and struggling movement appearing in the people } therefore it was early warning. This disease is terrible ! )

Anyways, things have been going crazy with overwithdrawals from my checking account but I cannot add money to it. Distributed responsibility just doesn't work. Whom do I call? Should I call the GRU, FBI, CIA, NSA, PayPal, my bank, my ISP, my Smartphone vendor, my Smartphone OS maker, Smartphone App maker, etc.? "It's not my problem !"

It's crazy so I have halted all of my electronic financial transactions which I can possibly halt. It's better for me to use my antimicrobial copper pennies. In terms of usefulness, copper is far superior than gold. In terms of abundance, copper is rarer than gold in the relative abundance of the chemical elements of the Earth's crust.

I always wondered about what my Mom had told me about the two copper ( likely ¿bronze?, a tin-copper alloy ) lions at the entrance to the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corp.'s iconic ( for distinctive architecture ) headquarters building. They were kidnapped by the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII but upon their return back to Hong Kong, Hong Kongers were so glad that they had come back to Hong Kong, that Hong Kongers patted/caressed them so much that they took on a very shiny golden sheen. I didn't use a "piggybank" to collect my savings--Mom gave me instead "a miniature ( hard-¿plastic? model HSBC-headquarters-building bank" for me to stash my loose change into.

I may come out of this PayPal fiasco with ruined creditworthiness so maybe I'll withdraw everything I have from our banking system to build up my creditworthiness with real people instead. "Neither a borrower nor a lender be," was Polonius' advice to his son who was about to embark on a journey as an independent adult to an important place, France's court. There were other excellent advices given by him, too.

The current financial/technological-tyrannical system is a straitjacket needing "Prometheus Unbound" done. Maybe everyone who pays with copper pennies gets a 50% discount on what the pennies buy. To how much should we peg a copper U.S. penny? How much can a penny buy? It depends on the vendor. I would rather have a stack of copper pennies, some copper wires, aluminum foil, and brine/vinegar-soaked paper to make myself a voltaic stack to charge some things, than have an ironic stack of feral re-serf no'es.