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Forum Post: TaxTheRich2012.org - The Idea is To Let Us Vote to Tax the Rich

Posted 6 years ago on March 16, 2012, 4:19 p.m. EST by TaxTheRich2012org (2) from Oakland, CA
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Check us out at TaxTheRich2012.org We are going to have a place on the California open primary ballot this June where not only Democrats, but Independents and others can vote to Tax The Rich by voting for a Senate candidate. Let's offset the "Tea Party," and make sure our "leaders" look over their shoulder at us. Our platform is not for a wimpy 3% increase in taxes on the rich (Obama) Instead, we propose that (1) taxes on the top 2% go back up to the prevailing rates from 1918 to 1981, which averaged over 70% to 90% for those who simply collected dividends in the million dollar range (not the 15% that the rich pay now); and (2) wealth taxes on property worth over $3 million to recoup the huge tax cut giveaways to the rich that put this country so seriously into debt. Come check us out at TaxTheRich2012.org Tell us what you think. Give us feedback, twitter our link, contribute?



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