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Forum Post: Taxes, Duty or Extortion?

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 16, 2012, 1:02 p.m. EST by 4closed (2)
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Imagine going to a laundromat and the sign reads, "Put your money in, $2.00 required. If machine doesn't work, that's another dept, take it up with the manager". Or imagine paying for a flight and if the plane doesn't work, the flight is cancelled or it crashes the airlines still gets to keep the fare and there is no refund and no compensation. Imagine going into a grocery store and you're unable to find what you want, say a carton of eggs and milk. You leave, but the cashier stops you and says, "You have to pay.
You say, '"For what?."
She gyrates her head and says with an attitude, "For your groceries." "But I don't have any groceries.", you reply, "All your stuff is no good." "That's not my problem," she says, "That's a different department. I've got to collect your money or there's going to be interest and penalties." "Well, what am I paying for?", you reply. "What you would have bought." she says. "I wouldn't have bought anything. Your food sucks." you say, thinking, oh, no, this was the 'lie' she wanted to hear from you. "That's your problem. Take it up with the manager. You looked for the eggs and you went to the milk aisle and you passed by the steaks. So, well have to charge you for eggs, milk and prime rib. That's $57.46, please." "Get f* out of here." and you attempt to leave. In your mind, you wonder how they cooked up that odd number, and down to the penny even. And she said that even with a polite "please" at the end just to add that 'proper image' twist, knowing she's got you. The security guards stop you, club you a few times when your protest and mug you and take your wallet with $100 and some odd change. The cashier says, "That's for the food and interest and penalties."

You may think no one does this. No outfit would have the audacity to do this sort thing but the US government and their tax collectors, this is exactly what they do. In the grocery store, the 1% might go to a special pantry, but for the 99%, the goods are rotten. The guards are there to beat you and take your money. Who knows what the government is feeding the guards. They're probably thinking, "It's all justified, because you lied. You wouldn't have entered the store and looked around if, as you said, you wouldn't have bought anything." They're no fools. Their leader(s) probably gets to visit the special pantry too.
They collect whatever they think they're owed and when you complain that you got jack for it and no representation, they tell you to take it up with another department...(the legislature, we are told).which, in the most recent scandal, was busy betting against you on Wall St when they heard the news, bailed out the criminals, so that they could take your homes to get the booty to pay back the government. Now they're telling everyone to get a job when they're holding up even the honest employers that managed to somehow stay in business and watching them closely. One trip-up or any show of possible money or revenue, the government auditors and collectors are on it like flies on sh*t. Everybody is afraid to do anything...unless you're an insider crook. and 'lucky' to be part of the biggest baddest organized crime syndicate there is. Let's face it. They've been infiltrated by the Mafiosi and other crime syndicates and criminal elements and they've adopted and amalgamated all their ways. Of course, they're out to bust you up.



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[-] 1 points by JPB950 (2254) 6 years ago

I take it you're against taxes and feel unrepresented. Your metaphor here seems a bit muddled.