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Forum Post: targeted

Posted 3 years ago on March 29, 2019, 10:28 a.m. EST by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX
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It used to be demographic targeting. The internet increases resolution to individual level commercial advertising and, perhaps more onerously, news filtering.




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[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 3 years ago

Speaking of Targeted. I wonder how much money McDonald's has been losing "consistently" for them to make a public announcement that they are stopping lobbying against a $15.00 minimum wage?

Note: I haven't seen them announce a raise to a $15.00 minimum starting wage for their workers.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

Surveillance capitalism corporations try to maximize their profits by botching up any potential sales because by the time I have studied and decided to buy things, they have changed their policies and prices invalidating most if not all of my efforts and time. I give up on this high-speed quantum (merely checking on a price makes it increase) videogame so I've stopped buying online.

It's become a kind of U.S. "promise" or a D.P.R.K. "promise." A "promise" which can be changed arbitrarily for maximizing profits is NOT a promise. I see a credibility collapse that will wreak terrible havoc because nothing except piles of rubbles can be built on a fickle earthquake-simulation table. We know how the Nazi-Germany/Soviet-Union Non-Aggression Pact turned out in WWII. It's why the Korean Conflict still rages on after so many decades of so-called "negotiations." I had no problem with my Dad's simply keeping quiet about it so we the kids just lost interest over time. I vaguely recall hearing someone mentioning something like "the Irish of Asia" regarding the D.P.R.K. being "inhabited by tough, hard-headed, hard-drinking little buggers." Maybe with the D.P.R.K., using military force is the best way to resolve the [mental] issue. Yeah, the little bugger wants to know, "Mr. Teacher Man, did you go out with girls in Ireland?" "No, sheep! In Ireland, we go out with sheep!"

I understand why it was best to "forget about it." Red China and the U.S.A. were fighting each other directly face-to-face in the Korean battlefield. The Soviet Union was supplying weapons to the Chinese and the North Koreans. Red China and the Soviet Union had border conflicts (that was only a symptom, not the real reason which was about the row arising over which country, Red China or the Soviet Union, should pay for the cost of the weapons used for defending the D.P.R.K. Stalin who had made the promise of the Soviet Union bearing the cost as well as giving Red China nuclear weapon technology, died, and Kruschchev renéged on Stalin's promises; doesn't this feel familiar with Trump renéging on or reversing many initiatives, regulations, promises, etc. of Obama's? Red China and the Soviet Union almost got into a nuclear war; I was very worried by that; although I didn't know at that time what atoms were, I had seen the pictures of the nuclear explosions of several countries and their aftermath) and fell out. Then the U.S. "played the China Card." The Korean Conflict was a very inconvenient topic to bring up between Red China and the U.S.A. because the Great ["no"-shit/dumbass] Leader Mao Zedong was suckered to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of Red Chinese lives to defend the D.P.R.K. against the largely U.S. forces under U.N. auspice. It could have stopped the formation of the greatest trading tie ever.

Where is Red China now regarding its so-called influence gained from the defense of the D.P.R.K.? I heard that Mao was starving tens of millions of Red Chinese civilians to death in part to pay back the Soviet Union for the cost of the weapons used in Korea as well as for the protection it got from the Soviet Union against a nuclear strike by the U.S.A. What do sheep get by going to the People's Temple's "Wall Street" with the "no"-shit dumbass? Let us hear what the little bugger can tell us about the sheep from his life lesson learnt from the Teacher Man.

"Any no-shit leader is no-shit because he is severely constipated and is full of shit." -- a political corollary of "Everything is physical. Life is all about the flows: airflow, foodflow, bloodflow, menstrual flow, semen flow, urine flow, and shit flow, etc." When I see the row of stalls on "Wall Street" in the People's Temple, I know that I need to be bottom-oriented and duly give my offering to the WET white china throne. During this moment of holy communion looking out through the American-style gap @8:20 trying to discern who was out there walking by, I truly understood the foundation of Werner Heisenberg's Indeterminacy (Unbestimmtigkeit Prinzip) Principle that underlies quantum theory. It helped to imitate Rodin's "The Thinker." I admire the Muslims' solution to a part of the backsplash problem @4:18 -- just wash one's bottom clean afterwards. This is why kissing a Muslim's bottom is much more palatable than that of a non-Muslim's. I'm a non-Muslim but I adopted this very civilized custom. How did peoples ever get by for millennia with the shit stuck to their asses? For this sanitary breakthrough more than a millennium ago (I believe), Allahu Akbar! I know why God blesses the U.S.A. for its investment in real bathrooms (Badezimmer) where one can indulge in the warm-water soaped cleaning of one's bottom for a modernized version of a great Muslim innovation (my lunchtime companion in school just didn't grasp the great idea when he was confronted by it as a kid so it was a cultural shock; I still use the good-old American espresso soft issue paper {don't leave your U.S. home without it!} before the cleaning so I support providing the tissue paper option for people.) I'm so proud that I've hot water in my bathroom. I'm reminded of why "I am American!" everytime I go to worship my bottom (7/day,Chew 28) Dad told me that he was enlightened and impressed by the availability of hot water in the U.S. public toilets and the bathrooms of just the run-of-the-mill people. Can you guess where I went upon my firsttime arrival in our new home in the U.S.A.? I wanted to check the truth of my Dad's promise to me of immigrating to the U.S.A. I took a warm-water bath. Ahhh... My Big Brother had acculturated a bit earlier than I did so he asked me to swipe clean the bathtub after my bath, using ammonia. Despite the acrid smell, it's a small price to pay to enjoy soaking in warm water for a long while. I take showers though whenever I'm hard pressed for time. A warm shower with a cold rinse is quick, efficient of water, and sanitary (I don't use ammonia because soapy water cleaned and the rinse washed away the soap scum.) I muslimized my bottom routine but I still need to work on hinduizing my greeting gesture to use Namaskar (I wonder whether it had come from an ancient encounter with an epidemic contagious disease.) Namaskar jibes with the quest for excellent health when one is armed with the GREAT Dr. Louis Pasteur's germ theory. I salute France for giving healthy lives to the multitude all around the World, including me and family (I remember the quicklime spread in our neighborhood due to the cholera case on the other side of the open-drainage ditch.)

My view on ancestral conflicts is that most countries, especially neighbors, have at one time or another been at war and killing each other. I myself had fought my Big Brother hard when I was a three-year-old (I could date a number of events very well because they had been recorded by others objectively: such as the release dates of songs, of movies, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of JFK, Red China's nuclear explosions, the two raised U.S. Black Fists at the Mexico City Olympics of 1968, the ski-masked Black September terrorists at the Munich Olympics of 1972, the Apollo-11 lunar landing, a ship being blown ashore onto a city street, a huge turtle crawling across our frontyard probably due to its being flushed out by the rising water level of the brook by the forest next to a well by the land on which Sesame and Yellow chicken were raised, etc.; retrocognition is possible when one has sufficient facts and knows how things work; e.g., there was an explanation for the nearly daily noontime explosion heard by our neighborhood -- these explosions helped me fly in a jumbojet to Tokyo {thanks to Alfred E. Nobel's taming of the unstable trinitroglycerin or that Taoist priest's ¡distilling gunpowder! to make elixir for immortality}; timing was very important -- there was luck alright but advanced societies create their own "luck" by choreographing events and exerting control over the elapsed times of tasks often by reducing their means and variances; how people set their clocks tells a lot about their societies; I knew when I heard the explosion that it's time to go home for lunch from my archaeological treasure hunt at the neighborhood garbage dump) preschooler who had collected "a beautiful treasure" from our neighborhood and tucked it under the bed (into my den.) I suspect that the girl next door inadvertently shoved it next to and in front of our door because the two doors were next to each other and she changed between shoes and slippers in front of her door.

My Big Brother discovered the iridescent (shimmering-rainbowlike-colored) slipper and started "teaching me," beating me up for "stealing" from a neighbor. Mom came by after hearing of the fight and my crying aloud. She told him to stop immediately but he kept on saying that I had "stolen" the slipper. Mom said that I didn't even have any idea about what ownership was so it wasn't stealing. He wouldn't stop saying "stealing" so Mom spanked him. He stopped. She told him never to lay his hands on me again as long as she's still alive. My punishments would be meted out by her and her alone. That settled for good the problem of his "teaching" of me. We had largely good and amicable relationship after that. There is no such thing as permanent enmity but I suspect that had Mom not intervened we brothers would have been hating and fighting each other for a very long time.

I was a neighborhood art collector but not a thief. The slipper was returned with an apology to the neighbor. My Big Brother "won" on this issue of returning it to the rightful owner. Of course, I was just "borrowing" it for a long and detailed examination in my den. I wondered about where the iridescence had come from and why the colors changed as I turned the slipper in the light.