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Forum Post: Talking Points to Restore Democracy

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 26, 2011, 7:46 a.m. EST by HagbardCeline (0) from Los Angeles, CA
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There are things fundamentally wrong and wrong in the course of bad policy with the American political and economic systems. We should list these so that we are all perfectly clear about what we are fighting for. We need to sort out specifics for the American people and the media to chew on:

Corporate Personhood- The mis-application of the 14th Amendment, intended to give blacks the freedoms that only whites enjoyed. Unfortunately, this is settled case-law in the Supreme Court most recently reflected in "FEC vs Citizens United" that allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on bringing about their desired electoral outcomes without having to disclose what they spent it on. We need a constitutional amendment.

Belief in "Free Market"- believing that the market will always correct itself with it's "invisible hand" is like believing in the tooth fairy. History has shown that markets left alone will result in monopolies and trusts. Markets with monopolies and trusts by definition are not "free". To avoid monopolies and trusts and a host of other crimes against the people, there must be regulations. Markets with regulations by definition are not "free" either. The "Free Market" is a myth.

"Revolving Door" between industry and the agencies that regulate them- Our Coward-in-Chief, Barack Obama, recently appointed a Monsanto Lobbyist to the post of FDA Food-Safety Czar. Monsanto holds more gene patents than all other GMO producers combined. Monsanto also makes the weed-(among of lifeforms)killer, ROUND-UP to which all of their GMOs are modified to survive. A trip to the patent office in Japan (because you can't read these patents in any other country they are in) will teach you that "Round-Up Ready" soy beans require boiling to well over 1000 degrees in order to break down the anti-nutrient content within them to make them edible. I think the temperature is actually over 4000 degrees, but let's just say it's a temperature that can only be achieved in a laboratory and not in the kitchen. Legumes in nature are indigestible to human beings. To make them edible and non-allergenic, they must be boiled. Over 90% of the soybeans produced in this country are "Round-Up Ready".

Monsanto also developed DDT and Agent Orange, claiming that they were safe for humans.

This is one example in a sea of them. Here you can see all political appointees by Presidential Administration:


The "K st" symbol indicates a lobbyist.

I will post more points as I think of them. Please add more examples.



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