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Forum Post: Talk 2 Big Bank Exec. No Bull Opportunity...You can....No Joke....I think

Posted 6 years ago on May 7, 2012, 8:29 p.m. EST by 4everyoung88 (0)
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I had a few very helpful chains of events occur in my life recently. I know the world is not rainbows and lollypops. No one is a saint, but on a trip to Sacramento I was shopping to see baby formula locked up in a cage. Nothing against teenagers, but is alcohol baby formula. It made me mad, disappointed and it made me think a lot. Why would that be the first choice when someone is trying to come up on baby formula? I mean we all have to operate. Then today at work I received an email offering bids for donations that would be given to help babies. In return an opportunity to speak whatever is on your mind directly with the big banks top executives. I always wanted a chance to speak to them. What would I say if I won? "If you’re a bank why enable a sizable percentage to fail". Perfection is the key correct? You don’t need to strap someone to the table for blood when it is not needed. Maybe work towards a mortgage or loan, making you something while giving you something still, one definition of good business success. Let’s go further, I would want to get the most efficiency for my donation. So why not let the world say something. Maybe someone can share a story of how they lost there retirement, savings or child’s education. The executive’s must be blind to the fact that when people are losing what they worked for someone positioned to invest in it, not a bad idea sometimes to buy low…wink wink. More then just concede you should give the ability to stop debit card overdraft fees what about the years of money you made from it? Insults to injuries, enable good businesses. When they are taking it all in maybe they might think "hope I didn’t have any involvement in that, since we train everyone to help our customers succeed financially...each and everyone." We all work one way or another, including our fathers for fathers. If felt mistreated they busted out some tar and feathers. Maybe a few of them made a coalition of ideas to make a future. I probably won’t win the bids. Reading on the technicality of some of the events offered I won’t be eligible to attend since I am leaving. If I win please share your experience, I will share the emotion in their eyes as I tell them. At the least why not road trip from Cali to New York and chronicle some of what America has to offer first hand.



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