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Forum Post: Take it to the next level

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 30, 2011, 6:23 a.m. EST by SlaughterSteelgrave (0)
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I think every demand on this list is a good start but I see nothing on here about the 3 wars our country is currently involved in. This country supposedly needs money so bad but yet it waste money to buy bombs to kill women and children. Also I see no mention of prosecuting the cops who brutalized the protestors. This isn't the 60s. Everybody has a camera now. We have footage of every moment now from multiple angles. Lets make sure those who wish to silence free thinkers face justice as well. They will not do to us what they did to Abbie Hoffman.This movement should be more than just money. It's about changing an entire corrupt system. These are the people who killed JKF,MLK and countless more to stop people like us from being able to have our freedom. Look at programs like cointelpro. All the government did was give us an apology for that. Even after that fact they still use trolIs and disinformation to discredit any who oppose them. I say you add total transparency for all aspects of the government. Especially the DoD. They lost 2.3 TRILLION dollars and announced it one day before the buildings containing the evidence were destroyed by a act of the supposed terrorists. Terrorists with magical passports that somehow survived in an environment where steel melted. This movement uses the fact that 1% of the country has 99% of the wealth. Lets redistribute that for all to share. Let's end all the government secrecy. Lets actually change something and not just try to fit ourselves into a system we all agree is broken. Those in the 60s civil rights movement changed so much but were stopped before they finished the job. Our generation must pick up where they left off. We have a chance here to show the entire world that the corruption and greed of the united states will no longer be tolerated. We can show the world how to exist in peace by leading through example. These demands are all about money and that makes us look as greedy and money hungry as the very people we are trying to stop. Think big and act locally. Look at the world around you and realize we are all one human race on this planet. Let's evolve.



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