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Forum Post: Tahir and OWS - Like Mubarak, Obama must go!

Posted 8 years ago on Oct. 13, 2011, 9:04 p.m. EST by MikeyD (581) from Alameda, CA
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This movement has been called an American Autumn, and a Tahir moment. It's time to make demands.

On Obama's hands we have:

  • The Targeting and killing an American without due process

  • Gifting half a billion taxpayer dollars to his hedge fund manager cronie at Solyndra, putting him ahead of the taxpayers for repayment

  • Orchestrating the illegal sale of firearms to the Mexican drug cartels,, presumably to build anti 2nd Amendment sentiment, resulting in the death of US Border Agents

  • Passing Health Care tax legislation and immediately exempting the special interests who put him in office from those "caddilac plan taxes"

  • Failure to demand GE pay taxes on billions of dollars, while offering tax dodging, one percenter, GE CEO Jeffery Immelt a "Jobs Council" positon in the Whitehouse, at the cost of real taxpayers

  • Failure to focus on the real and pressing financial crisis of this nation, instead opting to expend political capital pushing through a health care bill that benefits nobody but the insurance companies.

Obama must go!



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[-] 1 points by Frankie (733) 8 years ago

See, talk like this is why you're getting kicked out of the park. Don't you know Obama and his buds arranged that nice park that just happens to be right next to Wall Street? But then you ingrates started bad-mouthing him too, so now you gotta go. ; ) lol

Here's The Real Reason Why Occupy Wall Street Protesters Aren't Getting Kicked Out Of Zuccotti Park

Robert Johnson|Oct. 11, 2011, 12:00 PM

Coming on the heels of the Solyndra debacle, the Obama administration has just approved a $168.9 million loan guarantee for the Granite Reliable wind farm project owned by Brookfield Asset Management (BAM).

Among its many holdings BAM owns Brookfield Renewable Power, which owns the Granite Reliable and it also owns Brookfield Office Properties, whose holdings include the now famous Zuccotti Park.

The Department of Energy finalized the loan guarantee less than a week after Occupy Wall Street protesters took to Zuccotti Park, and with the Obama administration's Tuesday endorsement of the protests, rumors are starting to circulate that this could be the reason Brookfield is allowing protesters to remain on its property.

The Granite Reliable Power Project under construction in Coos Bay, New Hampshire is the state's largest wind farm and the New Hampshire Union Leader questions why Brookfield would need federal subsidies at all, particularly following the bankruptcy of Solyndra.

Mayor Bloomberg's announcement Monday that protesters could remain as long as they liked, also raised a few eyebrows and it turns out he has a personal connection to Brookfield as well. The mayor's longtime domestic partner Diana Taylor is on the Board of Directors at Brookfield Properties along with John E. Zuccotti himself.


[-] 1 points by OpenSky (217) 8 years ago

While I don't like obama, I shudder to think at what a republican president would mean in this election cycle. McCain didn't seem that bad, but the candidates now...

[-] 1 points by MikeyD (581) from Alameda, CA 8 years ago

That sounds a lot like worrying what a black man might do if you hired him. Get over the label and fire the failure/criminal.

  • Obama Must Go!
[-] 1 points by OpenSky (217) 8 years ago

more like the rhetoric coming from the republican candidates is downright insane. "If your not rich its your fault" "those who choose to pay more can pay more"

[-] 1 points by MikeyD (581) from Alameda, CA 8 years ago

Considering the guy who uttered those words, grew up in an environment where he had to sit in the back of the bus in favor of the white people, in light of what he has accomplished in his life, I can certainly understand why he holds that view.

[-] 2 points by OpenSky (217) 8 years ago

Yes. And becoming rich takes talent, risk, and luck. Many people have talent, not everybody is willing to take risks, especially if they support a family. The vast majority of those who do take risks lose out to luck, while we only hear about the lucky few who make it to the top.

[-] 1 points by PlasmaStorm (242) 8 years ago


  • from a Republican
[-] 1 points by MikeyD (581) from Alameda, CA 8 years ago

What, you don't think the impeachment proceedings surrounding all these scandals are coming?

[-] 1 points by PlasmaStorm (242) 8 years ago

You've listed no impeachable offenses. And Obama's opponents need to not stoop to the level of discourse that the left has, such as claiming "this is an occupation not a picnic" and claiming that they don't have to leave the park.

[-] 1 points by MikeyD (581) from Alameda, CA 8 years ago

You don't think the killing of a US citizen without due process is an impeachable crime?

How about putting a hedge fund manager ahead of the US taxpayers on a Federally sponsored loan of 500 million dollars to Solyndra?

How about selling 1500 weapons to the Sinola Cartel?

If those arent impeachable offenses, I don't know what would qualify for you.

[-] 1 points by PlasmaStorm (242) 8 years ago

The "U.S. citizen" committed treason against the United States. For thousands of years of human history, the punishment for treason is capital punishment. If he had been met in the field of battle, U.S. troops would have attempted to arrest him but we know he would have pulled a gun or something worse.

Solyndra is an embarrassment. Fast and Furious was a great idea that wasn't a great idea. The mexican drug war should not be used as a political football. It's an extremely serious situation. I wish the U.S. would not have to be involved but we're talking about barbarians and mass murderers sitting a couple hundred miles off our border.

[-] 2 points by MikeyD (581) from Alameda, CA 8 years ago

RE:"US Citizen"

  • no need for a trial? Really?

Re: Solyndra

  • Putting a private investor ahead of the US on a loan is a violation of law.

Re: Selling Guns to Cartels

  • It was a "bad idea", like walking into a bank with a gun and asking the teller for money is a bad idea. Selling guns en masse to drug cartels is a crime you and I would goto prison for.
[-] 0 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 8 years ago

name calling?

grow up

[-] 0 points by Misguided (373) 8 years ago

I agree Obama has done these things listed but that list is matched and even exceeded by previous presidents. The problem is 100% government not just Obama. Government intervention in markets must be stopped in order to stop the corruption that has led us to this point. I believe Ron Paul when he says he will do this. I also believe him when he presents his views on how to fix many of the root causes of the problems that are included in your list.

[-] 2 points by MikeyD (581) from Alameda, CA 8 years ago

Americans are normally pretty complacent when it comes to tolerating the misdeeds of their leadership. I think it is safe to say that, at this juncture in history, complacency could be deadly. Isn't that the very reason people are in the streets?

[-] 1 points by Misguided (373) 8 years ago

I agree. In the context of this movement though I think it is more focused on relieving the government of wall streets money. I would like to see government off of wall street myself. that would make my much more comfortable and achieve the goal.

[-] 2 points by MikeyD (581) from Alameda, CA 8 years ago

Think about that for a second. Are protests going to have more of an impact on Wall St or on politicians who accept Wall St money but also need votes to stay in office? If we were to protest Washington with this much force, we WOULD get results.

[-] 1 points by Misguided (373) 8 years ago