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Forum Post: Syriza party headed by Alexis Tsipras can boost the creation of 100% socialist open market economic globalization

Posted 7 years ago on May 15, 2012, 5:26 a.m. EST by DRSTNDESILVA (4) from Colombo, Western Province
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Congratulations from the bottom of my heart for your election outcome at latest Greek elections!

I highly appreciate your strong political stance about "no to austerity"; joblessness with mass poverty.

American Dream/European Dream capitalism have already proved that their bankrupt political policies cannot solve the mass unemployment or bring down the jobless rate to 0%.

Greeks can still enjoy Mercedes Benz/Christian Dior/scotch whiskey/Levis denims/MacDonald hamburgers...etc., at very cheap price with employability under a 100% socialist open market economic globalization under the leadership of Chinese Communist Party/Bolivarian Revolution/Mahinda Chintanaya - Future Vision and Francois Hollande's policy.

Still there are socialist party leaders with "capitalist political mask" trying to cling to the power. Venizelos, Dominique Straus Kahn, Mihail Gorbachev, Camusso, etc., are a few examples. Even if you go for more elections, please don't bow down in front of capitalist, bankrupt political crooks. You can certainly mobilize more and more poor/middle class in future elections if you clearly say "no austerity", "no capitalist unemployment for 99% citizens."

Syriza can change the political ideologies of Angela Merkel, David Cameron, Mario Monti, Traian Basescu, Vladimir Putin, Mario Draghi, Barack Obama, Silvio Berlusconi, Juan Somavia, Ban-Ki Moon, Cristine Largarde, Timothy Geitner, Man Mohan-Singh, Mitt Romney...etc...etc., by not bowing down to American dollar/Euro bribers or bailouts of rich 1% citizens in every country.

Francois Hollande and Alexis Tsipras can change the:

  1. unemployment of 99% citizens
  2. homelessness of 99% poor citizens
  3. hunger of 99% citizens
  4. health coverage of 99% citizens
  5. destiny of 99% suicide bombers/personal suicides
  6. family disintegration of 99% citizens ...under a new political culture of scientific communism or scientific socialism or modern socialist open market economy, where Article 23 of UN Human Rights will be implemented 100% to all citizens.

A draft political proposal was uploaded to Occupy Wall Street and copies sent to: Ministry of Defense, Temple Trees, Russian Embassy, Chinese Embassy, French Embassy, British Embassy, Indian Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka under the title "When CIA can easily create a paradise on Earth, why are they opting for democratic formulas with global social injustice?"

Syriza can easily crush the current capitalist joblessness with austerity of European Central Bank/IMF/World Bank/Federal Reserve Bank and save mankind from social disintegration according to very ancient Greek social values. Latest official backing of gay marriages in USA by Barack Obama is another clear example how far family values are disintegrated against the teachings of Holy Bible, Holy Quran...etc. So can Syriza be impotent politically anymore days?

Just like father of medicine; Hypocrates saved the mankind from illnesses, Alexis Tsipras must save the world from American/European Dream capitalism's unemployment. For this don't obey capitalist political gimmicks or paying back of ECB/IMF loans and just default as much as possible. Then financial markets will crash and the capitalist-speculative dominance will end with new political ideology on the horizon. Please follow all of my documents uploaded to Occupy Wall Street for better results.

God/Allah/Buddha/Mayan Gods/Vishnu/Shiva may bless Syriza!

Viva la Grecia!

"Despertad! ...ya es tarde"

"Desteapta-te deja este tirziu!"

"Socialismo o muerte"

"Tutto puo cambiare, basta immaginar lo"..."sapere e potere"

Liberte - Egalite - Fraternite

Keep in touch.


Dr. S.T.N. De Silva 21/28 Polhengoda Gardens, off Polengoda Road, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)



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