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Forum Post: Syria: Smuggling the Documents

Posted 3 months ago on April 8, 2014, 11:22 a.m. EST by shooz (17816)
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"The first time Ahmed was shot at by Syrian government forces he was outside Aleppo, driving in a car loaded with bags of incriminating documents. He could hear the gunfire aimed in his direction, the rounds passing close by in the dense night fog.

Before the war, Ahmed led a comfortable life as a Syrian lawyer in Kuwait. Then he got caught up in the early excitement of revolution. He joined the rallies in the southern Syrian city of Daraa in spring of 2011, and watched as government security forces fired on unarmed protesters from rooftops. Demonstrators fell around him. The wounded were arrested, not taken to hospitals. He couldn’t return to his quiet life after that. "




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[-] 1 points by ZenDog (13432) from South Burlington, VT 3 months ago

The human cost has been high. SCJA investigators—men and women—have been captured and held for months by both government and Islamist forces. Two are still in government prison. Three have been shot and wounded, and a fourth was killed by unknown attackers while on a mission in the north. Ahmed hesitated when he talked about it.

I remember that idiot Arturo running around here insisting the Assad regime were the victims in all of this bloodshed.

[-] -1 points by shooz (17816) 3 months ago

That's why these documents are so important.


These people who run around here thinking they know what's going on a world away, when they don't understand what's on their own doorstep, crack me up.

[-] 1 points by ZenDog (13432) from South Burlington, VT 3 months ago

“We know that if there’s a good judicial system,” said Ahmed, “there will be stability.”

[-] 1 points by ZenDog (13432) from South Burlington, VT 3 months ago
  • “The stupidity of the criminal mind, in Syria and elsewhere, has never ceased to amaze me,” said Wiley.*

Bwa hahahaha

that kinda sums it up, doesn't it.

[-] 0 points by shooz (17816) 3 months ago


Oh, and can we have good judicial system......here?

[-] 1 points by ZenDog (13432) from South Burlington, VT 3 months ago

that is precisely the question isn't it.


There was a line in that article that suggested there may be no international trials because of a possible truth commission that airs public grievances and helps dispel popular perceptions that the violence has been all one-sided.

That makes me wonder if anyone is attempting to sell the idea to Assad - promotion of stalemate coupled with the . . . demise . . . of a few top commanders whose war crimes appear most egregious . . . followed by a deal leading to a truth commission and amnesty . . .

I suppose if such a deal were suggested, and if it in the end brought peace to the Syrian people . . .

but does such a peace have any meaning in an absence of Justice . . .

We do, I believe, witness the cost of treason that is more than 50 years old now in this country . . . I would suggest that it is entirely possible the cost of such a peace for the Syrian people may well be more than they can bear.

[-] 1 points by shooz (17816) 3 months ago

Peace, without justice, never lasts.