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Forum Post: SYG Law Leads to Triple Homicides

Posted 6 years ago on July 18, 2013, 1:33 p.m. EST by TikiJ (-38)
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Wow, what a headline. And it's correct.

Ok, so in Florida your stats say in 2005 the number of "justified" homicides was 12, and now in 2012 its 35.

35 "justified" murders- we'll assume maybe 1/4 of those are legit (I dont have the time to do all of this research, thats what our bought out media is suppose to be doing)...

So we have roughly 27 murders that are in effect here.

Here's the kicker: 2011 Florida had 984 murders. Holy crap.

So everyone is going to focus on the law that people used in DEFENSE in 27-35 cases.

Whats the deal with the other 950 murders. Those 35... we are talking about 3.5% of that total.

The media has turned this entire topic to SYG. Now obviously, someone "feeling" threatened is not reason to kill someone. We all run into these situations. Killing is never the answer.

Many try for SYG defense, or just plain self defense. If the other person is dead, who is to say who put whose hands on who first?

The problem is the killing. We are killing each other here at insane rates, and we are killing people overseas just as well.

984 murders in Fl in 2011. SYG or not, that is INSANE.

CDC lists 2010 Homicides in US @ "Number of deaths: 16,259"

Think about that. Over 16,000 people were murdered in this country that year.

We have completely lost our ever loving minds here. Our economic system is out of control, our social lives are out of control (que violent music and puckered lips self glam shots for facebook) and our justice system is based solely on money.

SYG words great, if you have money. If you dont, get you get what everyone else without money gets- crap.

Theres a woman here who was beaten by her husband, fired a shot in the air, and got 20 years. Claimed SYG. What happened? She didnt have a lot of money.

Self defense, SYG, etc... The media is purposely avoiding the root here- Americans killing other Americans, and a money based justice system. 16,000 times a year. In FL alone that means that 3 people here get murdered EVERY DAY.

That is sick.

Humans are sick (or is it just us?)

What are we going to do? I don't think we are going to be around much longer. This is horrific, and mother nature will take care of it like she always does.



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