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Forum Post: Suzanna Hupp explains meaning of 2nd Amendment!

Posted 5 years ago on Jan. 27, 2013, 2:59 a.m. EST by chuckuschumer (-366)
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Just in case some folks are having difficulty keeping up.



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[-] 2 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 5 years ago

Last year it was birth control, this year it's assault rifles.

Dance puppets dance!

Don't worry about the bankers and corporations robbing you blind, selling out your jobs, looting the treasury, and stealing your government. Just focus on assault rifles and birth control.

You all can pointlessly debate the meaning of the second amendment, the supreme court already ruled on it's meaning years ago.


[-] -3 points by chuckuschumer (-366) 5 years ago

Wish we could all just float worry free in the clouds and not have to consider that the Government would steal our Constitutional rights and circumvent the SCOTUS by cherry picking and outlawing our weapons we use for self defense. That's exactly what the Democrats are trying to do.

Without you or OWS bearing any power of arms as private citizens all your "CorpoRAT","Oligarch","looting" anti-Government rhetoric is empty suit bullshit. Along with your "Occupying" lots of land to make your statements and change.

Peaceful change and all the other crap you folks like to comfort yourselves with is all for not without the right to keep and bear arms,not just a 38 revolver either.

Get a clue.

[-] 3 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 5 years ago

thanks NRA! I hear gun manufacturers are having record sales thanks to this phony debate.

[-] -2 points by chuckuschumer (-366) 5 years ago

You're welcome,...welcome to wallow in your ignorance and delusions,at least until those rights are put asunder also.

[-] 3 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 5 years ago

so what are you waiting for? Stop being a hypocrite and go out and defend yourself from the tyranny. Let me know how far you get before your life in prison sentence.

[-] -3 points by chuckuschumer (-366) 5 years ago

So what are YOU waiting for? Stop being a hypocrite and go out and make that Government pay for your cradle to grave Nanny care living wage for flopping burgers. Let me know how far you get before you realize you really didn't have a clue and were just a gullible,naive fool.

Get my order right though,next time I'm at the drive thru!!!!

[-] 3 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 5 years ago


And you're an asshole. Who would have thought assholes make assumptions? - everyone

I'm done with this distraction. People like you are fine with outsourced slave labor and then bitch about assault rifles and how it's a theft of rights. Slave labor is a theft of rights. It's exploitative and wrong.

[-] -3 points by chuckuschumer (-366) 5 years ago

So,you're accustomed to blaming your fellow countrymen for the labor practices of other countries?

And how do you seem to equate our Constitutional rights with the discussion of "slave labor"??

I'm frankly not sure how you intellectualize this whole thing??

What does one have to do with the other and why are you so confused?

[-] 3 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 5 years ago

It's not just labor practices of other countries when US corporations are taking part in it. Buying off governments etc.

Go research the slave fields in Immokalee Florida.

I'm saying you bitch about the theft of rights only when it's about guns, yet you don't give a fuck about the theft of other rights that I just listed.

Have you ever read the declaration of independence? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

[+] -4 points by chuckuschumer (-366) 5 years ago

One can "bitch" about losing the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms while at the same time be concerned about other issues.

"Immokalee Florida"?? I will.

Why do you only see in black and white?

You can't have "Life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness" if your Government denies you the right to defend that life,can you?

And isn't "life" the most fundamental thing of all?

[-] 3 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 5 years ago

You don't even understand my opinion on the phony gun debate.

I suggest clicking on the link in my first comment.

[+] -4 points by chuckuschumer (-366) 5 years ago

Sorry Trev the ProblemSolver but there can be no gun debate with someone that wishes to remain blissfully unaware and detached from an issue that is more fundamental and primary then any other right now.

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 5 years ago

Police say officers shot and killed a gunman who opened fire on his ex-girlfriend and a bouncer at a Seattle bar Sunday night.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/01/28/gunman-shot-and-killed-by-police-after-shooting-ex-girlfriend-bouncer-at/#ixzz2JGeoeWJv

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 5 years ago

After the involved car was hit by 10 or 11 bullets, police call it a small miracle that no one else was shot or killed at the intersection of Willow Road and Bayfront Expressway. The unidentified, 24-year-old mother and her 2-year-old boy remained in stable condition at Stanford Hospital with non-life-threatening wounds. The two were passengers in the rear seat. Three other adults in the car, a four-door Honda sedan, were not hit in the hail of bullets. http://www.mercurynews.com/bay-area-news/ci_22463050/menlo-park-shooting-still-violent-mystery-but-not

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 5 years ago

Officers went to the area around 5 pm. The victim was a woman in her 50's and it is unknown if the shooting was intended for the victim, or if it was a drive-by shooting.

The condition of the victim is unknown at this time, and it's not clear if they've made any arrests. http://abclocal.go.com/kfsn/story?section=news/local&id=8969384

[-] -2 points by chuckuschumer (-366) 5 years ago

You folks have got to watch this video.

[+] -4 points by chuckuschumer (-366) 5 years ago

Dr Susan Gratia-Hupp, survivor of the 1991 Kileen, TX Luby's shooting massacre, testifies against the 1991 assault weapons ban.

Hupp and her parents were having lunch at the Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen in 1991 when the Luby's massacre commenced. The gunman shot 50 people and killed 23, including Hupp's parents. Hupp later expressed regret about deciding to remove her gun from her purse and lock it in her car lest she risk possibly running afoul of the state's concealed weapons laws; during the shootings, she reached for her weapon but then remembered that it was "a hundred feet away in my car." Her father, Al Gratia, tried to rush the gunman and was shot in the chest. As the gunman reloaded, Hupp escaped through a broken window and believed that her mother, Ursula Gratia, was behind her. Actually however, her mother went to her mortally-wounded husband's aid and was then shot in the head.

As a survivor of the Luby's massacre, Hupp testified across the country in support of concealed-handgun laws. She said that if there had been a second chance to prevent the slaughter, she would have violated the Texas law and carried the handgun inside her purse into the restaurant. She testified across the country in support of concealed handgun laws, and was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1996. The law was signed by then-Governor George W. Bush.