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Forum Post: Submit your article or blog - The Jefferson Tree Supports OWS

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 12, 2011, 7:52 p.m. EST by arealpolitik (154)
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The Jefferson Tree – A bi-partisan (centrist) blog provides many unique and different political views. Ideas and opinions from a variety of contributors that invite discussion. Our blog reflects on the thoughts and beliefs of a great patriot who hated politicians, Thomas Jefferson.

He was neither a Republican nor Democrat because he believed that the extreme political platforms of those two parties would have been hopelessly partisan, authoritarian and unworkable. Does this sound vaguely familiar..?

Become a contributing blog on The Jefferson Tree or submit an article for discussion. As Jefferson would say, help us combine extreme views into workable solutions...

Special note: With the Occupy Wall Street movement underway we encourage articles that provide suggestions regarding changes that should or could be made within our government. Articles providing thought provoking ideas, thoughts or encouragement will be re-published in an excerpt on multiple OWS forums and message boards which will provide additional comments requiring your interaction. Please respond as quickly as possible to any notifications you receive.




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[-] 1 points by Haroldm (7) 6 years ago

On the buffet rule, I would like to see the focus changed from "RICH" "POOR" , "RESPONSIBLE" "IRRESPONSIBLE" "BIG GOVERNMENT" "SMALL GOVERNMENT" jargon that simply and intentionally prevents progress, changed to reality! A government requires funds to operate. It gets those funds through taxation. When the tax base is determined by economic factors (consumption) it is mere suicide to reduce one's ability to consume by taxation! There is not one iota of consumption by a corporation that is not credited prior to taxation for the same reason! Why is it we think we can apply different rules to the people and expect it to work. In the past, when necessary, our government has taxed the excess where it existed and thus protected consumption rather than reduce it! It has worked every single time and the economy has flourished! We have perverted reality over "FAIR" long enough! Common sense dictates that a tax that reduces one's ability or desire to consume at leisure, reduces net tax received as a result. When consumption ends and excess begins, the opportunity to tax without influence one's life style also begins. When the excess above and beyond consuming at leisure is such that it itself is used to simply create more excess, we have entered a whole new ball park. The person has made his own choices as to consumption to fulfill needs and anything beyond that is simple greed! This area can be taxed at leisure as the need arises and still allow the person move in the direction chosen. Those that might claim that this would stymie anything would be professing that those who would be impacted would put it under a mattress rather than make something with it. "Humans are a greedy lot"! For every one that may choose to step out of a capitalist endeavor as a result, there are ten waiting to fill the void! I happen to like our capitalistic society or to put it as the dictionary does "Dominance of the private capitalist"! Through their efforts, we have the ability to assist their endeavor and provide for a life ourselves. I do not begrudge them the fruits of their labor one bit! Illegal alien issues would not exist if it were not a successful methodology! But that is not really what we have! We have a dominance "by", not "of" the private capitalist" The commission of "Anarchy" does not occur on Main Street or outside a building on Wall Street, it occurs when the rule of law or supreme power is rendered inefficient as, or when, the law is written by those who simply serve Wall Street! I shall lawfully object!

[-] 1 points by arealpolitik (154) 6 years ago

Your article was submitted, thanks http://www.thejeffersontree.com/pulled-from-the-ows-forum/

Proper attribution: If you have a blog or website please consider leaving your blog address...

[-] 1 points by Haroldm (7) 6 years ago

Can you explain Proper attribution? I would love to have a blog (what ever that is) or web site where I could converse/interact about the state of our Union to stimulate positive solution type thinking. Can you point me in some direction?

[-] 1 points by arealpolitik (154) 6 years ago

Going with Blogger by Google is the easiest way to go. Takes hardly anytime to start up... and free.

There are other harder ways that you can change to later using Wordpress and/or your own personal domain, but blogger is a good way to start.