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Forum Post: Stunning Flowers Of Your Wedding

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 17, 2012, 3:56 a.m. EST by Adonis (0)
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FROM A BEAUTIFUL BOUQUET to dazzling table displays, the right flowers will add that magical touch to your special day. That's why we've teamed up with top florist Zita Elze and The National Wedding Show to bring you this amazing competition. One lucky reader will win a designer floristry package for the big-day flowers of their dreams. You'll have 3000 to spend on your fabulous flowers (including the florist's travel and accommodation costs) so you can make sure you get the look you've always wanted!

FLOWERS TO SUIT YOUR STYLE Zita uses exquisite flowers and foliates to create her arrangements, and is strongly inspired by nature and seasonality. She looks to reflect each bride’s dreams and personality by creating unique, emotive designs that will stay in your memory forever. To find out more about Zita, visit zitaelze.com. And if you're not our lucky winner, don't miss Zita at The National Wedding Show at London's Earls Court as part of the Designer Flower Zone in partnership with the New Covent Garden Flower Market. Some of the leading lights in designer floristry will share their secrets with live demonstrations during the day-so don't miss them in action!

Make your wedding favors truly memorable. Donating to Cancer Research UK's life-saving work on behalf of your guests is a unique way of thanking them for celebrating your wedding. Our personalized favor cards and pin badges are a meaningful keepsake of your donation and the perfect finishing touch to your big day. Visit our website now to find out more about ordering your perfect wedding dresses( http://www.boutiquedress.co.uk/wedding-dresses ).



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