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Forum Post: stuck in the lower middle

Posted 2 years ago on Dec. 22, 2017, 12:37 a.m. EST by elf3 (4187)
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Not quite middle class actually...and then taxed into lower class. I think we are wedged between narcissistic entitled man child wealthy bullies on wallstreet and entitled narcissistic man child broke bullies where we have to live. It is horrible. This country has lost character. I go from the train getting knocked over pushed and looked at like a piece of meat ...forget about taking the bus...these shit fucks are dangerous selling drugs and running around with guns to having pay stolen by a ceo of a pretty well known profitable company and the pay is nothing to start with. It feels like there is no refuge. Where did all the good people go? Both the poor and rich are preying on the lower middle class. OR...This might be a woman's issue. The country has become less safe for us. The more things turn into Lord of the Flies...we are getting hurt first...like the proverbial canary.



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[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 2 years ago

BTW @algore as u so rightly note in ur sequel

"In order 2 address t environmental crises we r gonna have 2 spend some time fixing t democracy crises!"

Have u ever considered running with Bernie Sanders?

Ur clean energy with Bernie's 2016 campaign is what t USA needs DESPERATELY


@algore think about running with Bernie - u know damn well he is with u on t need 2 fix t democracy crises & t @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats as u well know need a real solid direction to truly commit 2 & proper leadership 2 stay t course 4 t benefit of ALL


If U 2 @algore @BernieSanders do decide 2 run together. Use ur run 4 office as an educational outreach as well. Show ur documentaries @ ur campaign stops as well as another real good 1 = "Inside Job"

The gloves have got 2 come off as this country is in Dire Distress!


[-] 1 points by elf3 (4187) 2 years ago

Women need to band together and start shaming male bad behavior we need to call out man children...rich or poor.

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 2 years ago

This has begun = The #metoo campaign has really lit a fire

Hopefully it will help take-down t Misogynist-N-Chief t Manbaby Drumpf as momentum builds.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4187) 2 years ago

Yes...and I find baby boomers defending the harrasment. In laws and my own father. I'm like...am I really having these conversations? Its like so many years of propaganda scoffing at victims as money grabbing fraudsters even while trump brags about grabbing pussies and money constantly... that they have been trained in their brain to go there as a default. Anyway these angry men project their own self hate onto women. Money hungry scammers hmmm Trump does that sound like someone you know? Um mirrors are a great invention # self reflection. I just read a spot on Newsweek article...I'll get back below with the author name. What struck me the most was the line about walking into a room with some degrading joke about women hanging in the air. Exactly. The number of times I have felt this way. My last boss talked about my body while I was dancing at our holiday party to my significant other...and he actually was a pretty good boss otherwise. My guy isn't a pig and yet he froze...afraid id lose my job if he said anything. That knowledge that our job is on the line if we dont play along...is so pervasive that we will fall out of favor and be seen as stuck up and prissy. We won't get fired...things just get weird and uncomfortable and you get extra work and fewer raises. What's worse is my bosses wife and business partner heard it and the she put heat on me. Storming by my desk. Nothing I could ever pin down. Throwing her coat in my face at after work functions. Aristocrats confuse their title with character and moral fiber they actually believe they are better people. No a bigger bank account can never Trump a big heart. Harrassing pretty and younger girls must stop as well. I'm glad to see women finally stick up for eachother there will always be someone better and prettier...get over it and treat them with kindness...republican women do not btw. They hate....I really think republicanism is a personality disorder. Anyway yes me too I have stories...but what this country has become as my so pointed out is right side of the transcript nation ( at least with trump you can spot and call it out) its all that degrading body language, demeanor, things you can't call out that is worse in a way...that feeling there is a private degrading joke in the air. The term office hot comes to mind " is she hot for real or in comparison to coworkers. Like we are pieces of meat assigned a usda rating. And invariably while you sit there internally fuming...some asshole leans on your desk asks all about your day and tells you to smile as he shoves work on your desk that isn't his position to assign. But he is a big wig nonetheless if you make some stink you aren't a team player and you constantly catch this jerkoff looking at your ass. But prove it. Sorry honey no I was looking at blah blah blah. Daily working environment of women. And just like all bullying at work it is a double edge sword the burden of proof is on you...plus somehow you are pscycho and vain thinking anyone cares enough to harrass or come on to you..."it's in your head" and that thought silences you cuz seeds of doubt and attention equals fear and nightmares. Because you just want to get through the day and get it over with...working in this country has generally become abusive...and within that environment all bad behavior is out of control and overlooked. They don't care what that environment is like for workers. Women least of all. We still don't have paid maternity leave. So we grow and birth a life that tears through our genitals...UPS was sued by a female driver since they wouldn't offer her alternate position during a difficult pregnancy and they won...why? Why aren't they called out?... And this is how we treat life givers. Sit back in a bumpy truck on a wooden seat running heavy packages around while your genitals are still healing with fresh stitches. Or you can let your mortgage forclose. As if work is optional for women. News flash men don't make enough anymore to support families. We have massive stagflation and of course women are baring the brunt. Or we can be robbed of the miracle of a child and family life previous generations enjoyed. Family life is already a shit show in trickle down land. Longer hours, less pay...what the fuck are we living for anymore...to bang our heads into a brick wall desperate to have a decent existence that the prick ceos are robbing all of us of?

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4187) 2 years ago

Garden OF Dicks sparked THE #METOO Movement BY Nina Burleigh on 11/9/17 at 8:00 am