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Forum Post: Stopping Clocks

Posted 11 years ago on Sept. 27, 2011, 6:43 p.m. EST by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA
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Clocks in Tiferet spin the twine that knots the dreams mortal lives bind lingua language littercode babbling brooks of stone chiselled scrolls Spinning, twisting, vortex, shuffle Decoder rings secrets muffled all outsdie the veil of time sung in angelic hyper rhyme

Roullette Wheels spinning in hyperspace the wheel of fortune game show dreamy hyperplace Where all ideas and thoughts and scenes are grasses that are growing green while tiferets waters form rivers and brooks and satyr and nymph courting nooks a million arrayed rivers; each the river lythe; Where dreams have truly come alive

Ones focus in a train of thought that holds one bound inside that knot thinking ; dreaming; resonate the all; and it lives in you who hears the call. Heaven/ Hell/ betwixt between: WITHIN All of that and more and then; All faery tale lands and faraway myths all tumbling in a vortex of Glyph

The mind; down its many tunnels goes; pyshconautical realms of the many flows the human mind rendered as a thousand lab rats; where did that thought pattern get to? is at? Where in the labyrinth has it gone? and whats it doing for solving wrong? The maze, the tree, the intercosm shell; our choices creating either our private heaven or our private hell...

We go; in dogma suits and cultures hats, with harps and guns and baseball bats, with drums, with flutes, with stringged guitar, with lute, with tank, with subway car, following the things we were merely told, growing dim and growing old, playing out the patterns echo in reflection of the zen; of what our parents did with us when we grew up to become them.

Mortal Circumstance and Matrix Fight; Calling sirens to the game of Might, echoing peels in the darks ones chamber rooms; as entropies vaccum zips and vrooms, and all of true free will thus dismissed, we have our chance but collectively miss, and karma circles us back around, reincarnated and fractured into more soul fragments found; and now all god does with all gods time is try to put humpty dumpty back together in your mind, with all those spinning hamster wheels, keeping you from knowing, keeping you from feeling, keeping you from seize the day; keeping you from doing instead of faking "pray." Keeping you from knowledge, keeping you from second sight, keeping you from claiming the shamans birth right, keeping you from all of that as a sky; keeping you in that, locked into a cage of lie.

Well, now, and here; Find somehow the door; That i was sent to give you for; The exit out of the giant game; the path to finally go sane The path to self educate, instead of dogma system masturbate, the path to understand and know; and thus to truly connect with flow, the path that truly frees the mind; into 10 skies no science can find, to fly there in those hyper space; that is the purpose of our race, the function to which we were engineered, the evolutionary call is clear, the sky I know I'm here to give, these flights to share; so all might live; with wings of merkaba light; adam kadmon feather kite, Your own personal starship, your astral travel car; your consciousness IS the INNER STAR.

And you are god, on vacation, asleep, a drop seperated from the ocean deep; and must fall back to that ocean some day, after in a body you have played, after the after afterlife, after deaths assorted knifes, after the lithe takes away the hurt, after the leviathans have processed the karma Cured, You fall back into the infinite light; which you came from and still are insidhe. We are spirits, in the material world, but in tiferet our dreams do whorl, And until we know how to use that sky, its just the place we go after we die.



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