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Forum Post: Still unemployed...but no one really knows who to blame.

Posted 6 years ago on March 21, 2012, 9:20 a.m. EST by atesta2 (0)
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I'm still not sure what the aim is of the Occupy Movement. It has lost all of its clout with the media due to mixed messages and unclear petitioning. It lacks a focus other than a glaring statement that is already obvious: There aren't enough jobs, and people who work for corrupt self-serving companies with no social aims are making too much money. This is something that has been glaringly obvious to the US and politicians alike, but we have yet to construct a solution. Petitioning helps to highlight the problem, but until a clear and organized solution is offered, the movement will go unrecognized despite the frustrated efforts of many young citizens.

I am 26 years old, and like many, still dependent on my parents who constructed their middle-class lives during the cushy Bush and Clinton administrations. I am $10,000 in debt, and hold a Masters Degree in Education. No one will hire me because, in New Jersey, per teaching position, there are 200 + applicants. I drown in a sea of young individuals who are just as qualified as me to do the job.

The problem is quite simple: there are too many people and not enough jobs. The occupy movement is attacking the individuals who are overpaid but that does nothing for the rest of us who have to become self sufficient adults in a world with ever-increasing living expenses that are near impossible to achieve. Quality of life is all anyone asks for, the ability to go to the dentist and get a cavity filled, get medicine when you are ill, pay for a vehicle or public transportation, and actually HAVE a job to go to on a daily basis. If you feel you are entitled to anything beyond necessity, then that is your own responsibility, but the government should be responsible for the health and welfare for its citizens to at least a MINIMAL degree, which I don't see happening.



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[-] 2 points by debndan (1145) 6 years ago

Yes, you are correct on both counts

There are far too few opportunities for the american worker

And occupy is impotent to do anything about it

One thing people can do is register as many people to vote as possible then vote against any politician that wishes to continue to ship jobs overseas and join with others for common cause.

But beating a tamborene in some downtown will accomplish nothing, nor will attacking the kind of folks occupy claims to represent.

There's many more things that can be done, but that would involve hard work, to which occupy doesn't seem to have a knack for.