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Forum Post: Steps that could help reduce political corruption (maybe)?

Posted 12 years ago on Jan. 21, 2012, 4:14 p.m. EST by francismjenkins (3713)
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• Prohibit members of congress, their staffs, and agency employees, from meeting privately with lobbyists. Require members of congress to hold regularly scheduled public meetings in their home districts, allowing states to promulgate regulations governing the framework of these events (with mandated media access).

• Eliminate federal preemption of state tort (and other relevant) actions, by caveat of a federal regulatory scheme (this would decentralize regulatory power, and give ordinary people the ability to sue powerful companies when their pensions are destroyed, when they come down with cancer or a respiratory condition because of pollution, file a derivative action when managers of a company they own stock in goes on a political bent with company funds, etc.).

This would in turn allow us to push for more participatory democracy. If states had the authority to promulgate regulations governing the structure of public meetings with members of congress, it could be done in a way that at least moves us a few inches closer to participatory democracy. Obviously once states are given this power, we would have to fight at the state level to shape these laws in the ways I'm suggesting (or in other ways that better promote participatory democracy). Nonetheless, states and cities are closer to home, easier for average people to influence.

For example, each county, city, town, or village, could be allowed to appoint delegates to attend these meetings. The delegates could be chosen at the local level, through voting. We could have groups at the local level set the agenda (through consensus) that the delegates are obligated to represent at these public meetings (and of course the delegates would be subject to recall if they misrepresent the consensus view).

I think we may still need an amendment of some sort to address the problem of super-PACs (since it's unlikely any restrictions on super-PACs would withstand a Constitutional challenge). While the Sanders Amendment needs to be modified (its language isn't powerful enough to accomplish these goals), at least it started a conversation about the need to do this.

Admittedly, this is a hybrid model, which combines some aspects of anarchist thinking with our current representative--in name only--model (and it's probably not the "ideal"). Nonetheless, it seems like a move in the right direction. I could be completely wrong. Maybe my underlying theoretical reasoning is seriously flawed (maybe the "all or nothing" approach is better, for reasons I'm failing to understand). If so, please don't be shy about critiquing it.

In Solidarity, Frank



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[-] 1 points by SpecateSwamp (1) 11 years ago

Honest people don't get appointed by political parties. That would just upset the apple cart. Then the Chamber of Commerce and the powers that be do their best so that Independent Candidates never win.

How to Rig Elections

It all starts at the lowest political forums. No tuff questions are ever asked.

I'm running in the upcoming election here in British Columbia Canada 14May2013

Here are some pointers for your local Chamber of Commerce:

-Start by rigging the political debate forums. Plant questions and fill the slate with corrupt friends. That reduces the chances of an honest citizen getting elected. Hillary Clinton planted questions. When questions are planted very few real questions get asked. Like 'should Lobbying be illegal and called treason with stiff jail time'.

-Don't allow scrutinizers to watch the vote count. Here in Canada at the Civic / town level they have agents not scrutinizers. For provincial and federal elections it is scrutinizers. Most politicians start at the town / municipal election. So if they can control the towns then they have a good start at controlling the Provincial and Federal elections. In Whitecourt Alberta it almost became a fistfight when the Town staff was trying to prohibit their agents from watching the count. The town manager finally relented and let the vote count Be watched by the agents...

-Scare people away from Independent politicians by saying by splitting the vote the bad guys and gals will get elected.

-Make it hard for independent candidates to get on the ballot. Political parties are much easier to control.

For me I have to talk to at least 150 people in order to get the 75 signatures required; I got 25 more just In case there was 1 or more that they would disqualify. The whole point is to disqualify.

Next I have to get an official auditor with a CA or some such designation. I don't know any CA's so it will probably Cost me money and quite frankly what do auditors catch. Not Madoff not Enron not Civic corruption. Just another roadblock for honest people

Then I must have someone with the designation that allows them to witness oaths and signature. Probably more money and time.

Then I must get a money order or certified check for $250

-Fool the people by saying that an Independent will have no power. NOT this one. I'll be representing the People and will be pressing government officials on all their issues with VIDEO. They will have to answer to me. AND just in case it's a minority government the peoples opinions will carry even more weight.

-Create a multitude of Junk forums where people can post their ideas. Of course nothing will result. Waste their time. Forum Rigging Examples:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhKYGJs_xE4 On this YouTube video planted questions are moved to the active pile with just a tap tap.

http://www.osoyoostimes.com/news/2011/04/13/oliver-federal-candidates-forum-to-be-closed-to-public/ Wow how bad is the CofC

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYOKWz2Em5s Here the Chamber of Commerce threatens a councilor over his support for the homeless Use bully tactics scare off the honest citizens...

http://www.telusplanet.net/public/stonedan/mla_questions.htm Follow this link to create your own random questions for Politicians


-Hound them to the ends of the Earth with video I do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XuLmtrhl3I I videoed an open budget meeting. They didn't like it.

-Never ever vote for the same candidate TWICE. I won't be voting for myself this time around. Google "yellowhead speaks 1993"

-If I get elected EVERYTHING will be on video and posted to the net. Video kills corruption.

When ALL politicians are corrupt then ALL the top level civil servants have to be as bad or worse. Few town managers or Deputy Ministers would pass the stink test. It's just that simple.


[-] 1 points by cJessgo (729) from Port Jervis, PA 12 years ago

Occupy laralittletree

[-] 1 points by AFarewellToKings (1486) 12 years ago

You are on the right track Frank. This is essentially what the National General Assembly (NGA) is about. Be the delegate.