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Forum Post: Step 1: Jury Duty

Posted 11 years ago on Nov. 3, 2011, 6:22 p.m. EST by econreb (12) from Andover, MA
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How do we get the rest of U.S. to join in the battle that they don't want to admit exists?
How can an America, so riddled with conundrums and cynicism re-emerge as a benevolent global super power that acts not as compassionate cowboy willing to put each an every one of us out of THEIR misery but as a generous, well-informed gentle giant?
How can we do it before their generational wealth strips us of ours?
How will those who believe only in the country club agenda they know and love, feel what we feel?

Only when Occupy grows from Wall Street to Shinnecock and Winged Foot, Lakeside to Brentwood Country Clubs. Let us lay on the 1st tee and keep them from the 19th hole. Only then will they cry as our childrens' children will if we do not convince them to trade their Callaway's for the American Way.

The first and most effective avenue for change is Jury Duty. This much maligned form of Citizenship is actually the fastest, most financially (it costs nothing) viable way to affect real change that elections used to have (circa 1960) but has become nothing more than setting for the generational transfer of cynicism. See anything regarding California's failed experiment with Term Limits.

Why wait 12 months for another serving of hope and change when we can show him the way now? Only through Jury Duty can we begin to affect real change that can happen in every corner of America, next week, next month and next year. Yes, next week. As quickly as the B of A recoiled their $5 fee, we can begin to not just take our nation back but spur forth an economy and thus jobs and tax revenues. Do this and we save health care and all without politicians, bills, laws and John Boehner.

This is the beginning of what I can offer. Unfortunately I am disabled due to an auto accident in which I was struck and am unable to attend Occupy however what I have is knowledge and experience that anger and time has transformed me into a gem of possibility.

Look at the holdings of insurance companies. They have long been the cause of many of our problems that include the tax-free internet, which is a low and medium-end job destroyer. This alone has destroyed entry-level wages as well as local and state real estate and sales tax revenues.

I know this is boring stuff but this is the type of stuff from REIT's and MLP's, just tax-free pass-throughs that insurance companies have created to avoid taxes and thus de-government funding.

These are the type of things that are the sole of the foot they have placed on our neck and only Jury Duty in Civil Courts have a chance at mathematically and financially weakening them so that we can get up and fight them.

This is just the beginning. The meek shall inherit the Earth and this is how. Human generosity towards one and other; paying it forward with other people's money. That's how they do it, it's just our money they have been using against us, now lets use theirs.

There is more, much more feasible ideas to create tens of millions of jobs and limit the liabilities we can rid ourselves of in the process.



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[-] 1 points by thefederalist (6) 11 years ago

Jury Duty is the finest service a citizen can give to this Nation outside of actually laying down his life for his fellow man. In this small selfless act we have an opportunity to protect freedom and make a genuine change in our world. If you want Peace work for Justice.

[-] 1 points by econreb (12) from Andover, MA 11 years ago

keep it up, this is the first and most profound answer.

[-] 1 points by OccupyCapitolHill (197) 11 years ago

I totally disagree with the core messages of OWS, but at least you're a citizen that values jury duty. Most piss it away as a pain in the neck.

[-] 1 points by econreb (12) from Andover, MA 11 years ago

yep. thanks