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Forum Post: States & State Reps are Dependent on Outside Funding from TBTF/Federal Support, this is Corrption like RICO

Posted 10 years ago on April 2, 2013, 6:23 p.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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We should demand Reforms to make states independent of Wall Street and the Federal Subsidies. States should be/must be independent. There should be the Right to Self determination.

If debts are now so large... including Future Obligations ... the states should have a mechanism to terminate debt without having FEMA take over state Government. Municipalities should be allowed a mechanism to terminate debt without FEMA Take Over.

Independence made America Great ... and the goal should be to pass this down, ... push it down from Federal ... to State .. to Citizen. This is very Clear.

Well if State Reps Won't push for Redress of Federal Systems and allow populist State initiatives.... they should lose their jobs.

We don't really have National Referendums, National debates, Populist Selection of Debate Agendas, ... and we don't really have support from State representatives in demanding National Banking & Lobbying Reform... States are not Demanding Campaign reform...

States now need Money from National Banks, Wall Street, and the Federal Government. States have become corrupted through debt and the dependence on Funding from outside the state.

Wow, ... States are co-opted and corrupted. State Leaders are caught in the dependence on outside Funding.



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[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 10 years ago

Independence made America Great ... and the goal should be to pass this down, ... push it down from Federal ... to State .. to Citizen. This is very Clear.

Independence=slash to programs/education/etc.


[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 10 years ago

My passive writing might be frustrating to some.

Glad you picked out an active statement from the post. There is always Fraud, Waste & Abuse of Federal or State government dollars.... so this is why we really want good program administrators in our governments. They keep budgets tight, they review programs or budgets for the objectives to see if dollars were effectively spent. A good administrator probably cuts programs and employees.

Our Federal Education Budget seems to be about more than education. We don't fund many teachers through our education department. So what are we doing with that money? details will show us many different programs... But none of this was the intended purpose of the Department of Education.

Federal Programs grow ... and this is a kind of expansion of power.

I'm not a heartless man, ... but many programs probably belong in other budgets where they are visible, transparent, logical, and auditable.

There should be a budget line for giving away US Dollars to foreign governments... including military assistance, foreign military sales of US Weapons, Grants for Weapons to foreign governments, bribe money for Tyrants or Rulers, Foreign Economic Aid, Foreign Farm Aid, Foreign Charity Aid, and US Aid. And humanitarian aid and medical aid should also be in this budget line.

Department of Agriculture has the budget for SNAP, Food Stamps. But a lot of other assistance is in other departments. It is crazy.

I'm not sure I had in mind slashing welfare programs at all. Mostly I was thinking Banking... Subsidies as a category covers 100 programs to states... HUD is housing assistance, maybe it is a favorite program even if frequently fraudulent.

BIA, Bureau of Indian Affairs... Not popular with Indians, but perhaps needed and could be better.

Ah, now what you mean might be cut federal level... and some how pass responsibility to states... well, state budgets are slim. so, you R saying pass federal dollars to the states to control..... well. this might be how the programs started. Federal controls increase over time and get directed toward states sometimes and toward individuals sometimes. Kind of reading your mind there....

I just paused...

Yeah, I think I follow you. The way federal programs are set up is to create dependencies. We don't want dependency. So ... Reform, Rewrite, or ...Slash federal programs.

I think in this case of this post ... Reforming Private Banking, Reregulate to emphasis GAAP Rules in Accounting, Regulating Derivatives, Breaking up TBTF Banks on Wall Street, ... and allowing liberal bankruptcy laws for cities and individuals while preventing lairs loans, ninja loans, etc.... would aim to prevent loans without documentation ... and allow problem budgets which are caught in bankruptcy to have a means to get out of bankruptcy.

You might be focused on dependency of states or cities. Not sure here. Currency is issued by the Treasury/Fed. Local State banks can create loans already. I see it as a structure problem that debt is too high in cities and states. Pension benefits are too high which is a future obligation. So ... perhaps bankruptcy would reduce pension benefits ... while writing off debt. That solves dependency in a way. But banking reform covers more stuff.

dependency of citizens ... must be addressed by government investment in the economy in infrastructure, utilities, and maybe manufacturing ... the other thing is tariff policies or a merchant policy to support Industry. I'm sure Germany recognizes it's key industry ... and has policies to support key industries.

We know we need more manufacturing in the USA. Investments and incentives in schools K-12 and Univesities can focus on key industry. Any objectition to this policy is anti-compeititive. We know we need recycling, waste management, better agriculture or hydroponics, food & water will be problems in the future as well as hazardous waste. Banks just don't like government programs that they won't have exclusive contracts on to monopolize the money. We see this and hear this as memes in our office ... like government jobs programs are a waste of money... government alternative energy is a waste of money ... all jobs training programs are a waste of money ... you have to remember that wealthy interests will always work to ruin any program that doesn't put money in big corporate programs or go to big banks.

We should fund federal programs to meet big challenges of the future like energy, jobs, waste, farming, water .... this can be in different ways to get young students to come up with the ideas. School grants and contests maybe the way to get it started. Get students to find the best materials to base solar or turbine engines if that is what is needed.

We have challenges in the coming years. We need R&D investment ... it is cheaper in K-12 and in colleges & Universities. through Grants.

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 10 years ago

Your education money goes to testing companies. It can be targeted. However, even though this is known it is ignored.

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 10 years ago

What is a testing company?

Or did you mean "testing companies" like food or drug companies.... or like bank capital retention requirements tests ....

Let me back up ... my property tax goes to education, but I don't have control over that.

Federal dollars to the Department of Education ...hm I can't see K-12 testing businesses ... so that leaves colleges or universities testing drugs for the drug companies???? I suppose Monsanto could co-opt that money to fund testing, but I'm thinking that would put programs at risk.

Ah, well you sound like you know subsidies. Yes, our subsidy money goes to Health, Drug, or medical research companies... in theory to test new drugs and solution to health problems. But ... It is likely that medical research companies are just looking for someone to sign off on drugs & patented procedures.

So, if we target medical procedures for funding... it sounds like tightening up policy ...and reducing funding. That might be appropriate actually. All budgets need to be rigid. You can't fund everything based on face value. So ... demand more proof before funding any program, start funding as only a small program phase, then ... later you can expand the program if it is still liked and people ask for the program .... you have to have follow up surveys. You never expand the program without many testimonies that request the funding continue...

The principals are:

1) Fund only what is popular
2) Fund only what works and is proven to work
3) Don't fund anything that looks like fraud, waste, or abuse.
4) Don't keep people on payroll if they appear to be possible risks in terms of fraud, waste, or abuse....
5) Do surveys to validate the results and to get feedback on program problems.
6) Inspect the facilities of drug producers and research or investigate procedures that you have brought to your production or services.
7) Don't trust yes men, and don't be seduced by happy, chatty, agreeable staff.... there maybe huge liability and huge risk to the program.

But what did you mean....????

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 10 years ago

High Stakes testing companies in school. Identifiable, Target. End,.

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 10 years ago

How much money are we talking about for testing?

Seems like would be small money, unless they buy text books & all testing materials from the Testing company. Text books are big money and big corruption. Some say the invention of Foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation was to control people and ruin the education system.

Well, clearly testing and all the money spent for Federal Education department ... aside from dollars to help the disabled and kids with special needs ... clearly Federal Education money goes to waste and testing has not helped.

Actually I heard that some schools don't have heat in the winter and may need a/c in hotter months ... not sure if federal dollars go to relieve these problems....

What is your solution for K-12 text books????

[-] 2 points by GirlFriday (17435) 10 years ago


That's NY and somewhere we have the money for Florida.

But ya, your text books, testing materials are from the same companies and tie to political ends. And they don't pay taxes.

The testing was never about "help" it was about destroying the public education system. There are a lot of right wing clowns that pat themselves on the back while allowing the charter schools to steal from the public coffers. It's beautiful. You know..................choice.

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 10 years ago

It is complicated. Thanks for your help. I guess we all have to learn more about these many strategies that have destroyed our Education System.

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 10 years ago

Money is the tool of manipulation ... which must be acknowledged to draft proper law. ... Getting into the mind of politicians shows need for reforms ... and new ideas on solutions.

But you R correct. Big Petroleum has ruled since Standard Oil. Big industry and Oligopolies Rule. They R ruled by Oligarchs. Politicians R Owned by Oligarchs through minions or proxies. Money is the tool of manipulation ... which must be acknowledged to draft proper law.