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Forum Post: Sorry guys i need to rant after the conversation i just had!! I didnt proof read so dont hate on the grammer

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 20, 2012, 3:35 a.m. EST by TrollDestroyer2000 (29)
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Who the heck are they killing these days. I think they are just targeting people that hate America (witch is not a crime) and calling them terrorist. Why would they like us these days look at what we've done over the past 12 years. I am so sick of this war against an imaginary enemy. They are just trying to scare weak minded people into believing we are in some kind of imminent danger. If terrorism is a big worry for you then you are an idiot. If you believe what the government tells you about anything you are an idiot. Its not me they want dead its the people calling invasions, stealing their resources and occupying their land. American government is the biggest terrorist organization in the world. We are the ones in their home blowing up everything killing ten civilians to get one low value Taliban lackey and calling it collateral damage. What if the police were chasing a car thief and they just called in a couple of helicopter and blew up a bridge he was crossing killing 100 people and the one bad guy in the process? If you still support any kind of military operation over seas you are ignorant. I suggest you read George washintons Farewell address. He spend half of it warning of the dangers of foreign wars. The people in this country make me sick these days calling themselves peaceful and calling this a peaceful nation. We have started more wars in and killed more people in the past 11 years then Bin Laden and the FARC rebels combined ever have and ever will. America is the biggest war mogul nation on the earth accept it. Half the people here want nothing more then lots of death and destruction as long as it is in another persons country. THese cowards in the CIA fly little robot helicopters around shooting people through a video camera like its a game and say they are defending freedom. WRONG they have molested freedom in every way possible and now they are starting to turn on their own people. Then you got half the country that is smart enough to know propaganda when they here and the other half that so blindly believes the government is looking out for our best interest. They twist and turn everything in any way that helps justify their personal urge to kill and half of you jackazzes buy it. I have completely lost all faith in the american governments ability to honorably lead this nation on a coarse that respects the value of human life and respects all peoples rights to free speech and expression even if it is different then your own. Our governments Idea of negotiation is "we do negotiate until we have you at gun point and we never bend from our opinions if you do not submit to our terms then we will kill you and all your family and burn your children alive with napalm then say you set yourself on fire." Then all you people wonder why we are the most hated country in the world. You think it is cuz they are envious? Most of these so called terrorist actually pity us for living so blind and confused. I just wanna run my business in peace and not have to worry about silly crap like this. You want people to stop plotting against america stop blowing up everything under the sun and murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people. What do you expect is going to happen when you launch one resource oriented war after another.



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