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Forum Post: something great from an occupy ottawa person: Plea from an Occupant

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 31, 2011, 2:28 p.m. EST by maikeru333 (15) from Ottawa, ON
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something great from an occupy ottawa person: Plea from an Occupant

This is on how to keep the movement from falling apart mostly, and how we can all work together, etc.

Big Love to Charlotte Tigerlily Quorra for this. <3


Plea from an Occupant




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[-] 0 points by maikeru333 (15) from Ottawa, ON 11 years ago

Charlotte TigerLily Quorra If you want to share this anywhere, feel free. If you could add:

"I am only one person, and I can only speak for myself

Charlotte Q, Occupy Ottawa"

at the bottom, I would prefer that, but it's not required.

[-] 0 points by maikeru333 (15) from Ottawa, ON 11 years ago

Plea from an Occupant


I love you all.

I don't care who said what, or how it started.

I don't care what side of which argument you're on.

I love every one of you that has stood behind this movement, at any time.

I believe that every single one of you has a right to your equal share of this movement.

If every one of us could have just two minutes of spotlight, and could feel like we had been heard, and we had been listened to, and our view is being considered, everything would be better.

From the tiny noses and tails of our smallest occupants to the booming voices of those with the strongest conviction.

From clean-cut, well-dressed casual participants to tent-dwelling, hard-core full-time Occupants.

You are a beautiful, abstract, chaotic, conflicted, de-organized, diverse conglomerate of incredibly intelligent, aware, active people.

Together, we can change the world, because as long as we stand by each other, and we listen as well as speak, and we remember that we are human, and cannot possibly be perfect at everything, we cannot be stopped from bringing forward truth, and holding up a better future for all to see and work towards.

I believe in you. I believe in us. I believe in this movement.

You must NOT turn on one another.

You must not blame one another for the broader problems.

We are not super-humans.

We cannot solve all of these problems all at once.

We cannot create a perfect world in a week.

We cannot turn the cesspit our city has become into a magical kingdom of love overnight.

None of us can do this alone.

We need each other to point out our flaws and hypocrisy, but to do it with the hope of helping us overcome these.

None of us want to be hurtful.

None of us want to emmulate the evil we are working to dethrone.

We are here to work together, and to help one another, and to be strong where our neighbour cannot be, and to lean on each other when we cannot walk another step.

We must share the responsibility of a family to work together for the good of all of us.

When our brother or sister cannot see the hurt they cause, we must not blame them for it, but speak to them.

Show them how you see it.

We are a leaderless movement for one reason above all others, and this is something we must all keep in mind, in all situations.

We are too many to be unified on all subjects.

We are too diverse to be represented by one face.

We are too complex to be summed up in one statement.

Most importantly, no person is perfect.

Nobody is completely selfless, and that is fine.

Nobody is completely neutral and that is okay.

Nobody can be everywhere, and hear everyone.

We must all make an effort to remember this, so that when we disagree, or feel unrecognized, or we think somebody else is doing wrong, being hurtful or wronging others, we remember to act in the best interest of the family, the Occupation, and the movement.

Step forward.

Be honest.

Be respectful.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Never order somebody; the strength of your conviction does not equate authority, only urgency.

We are a family, and ultimately we all love each other for coming together on this, and standing together behind this proverbial banner.

We must all begin to act as a family, or, rather than creating a positive change, we will only contribute to the growing despair of all people whose voices are not being heard.

We owe it to everyone who has invested hope in this movement to stick it out, and work it out.

We can no longer afford to fail, and try again another time.

There may not be another time.

The intolerance of the authorities is ever-growing.

The hopelessness of the hungry, over-worked, underpaid, forgotten and downtrodden is a slow-acting poison the only antidote to which is the possibility we have brought forward of a better future.

I love you all, very, very much.

I believe in us.

I weep for those among us who have suffered, been hurt, been scared, been victimized.

I must count myself among them now, though given the chance, I'd dismiss it as a misunderstanding.

I wish for the time and the energy and the space to hear everything that everybody wants to have heard, but I cannot do this on my own.

I wish for the patience and dedication to come to the root of every disagreement, argument and accusation, but I cannot do this on my own.

I wish for the love and affection needed to make every one of you feel included, feel welcome, and feel as though you belong, but I cannot do this on my own.

I have nothing more to offer than what I already give, and now I must beg of you.

All of you.

Please, help me put this thing back together.

We will not get another chance.

There will not be a brighter future unless we make one.

Together, working together, we can make that happen.

I believe in the movement.
I will always believe in the movement

<3 Charlotte Tigerlily Quorra