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Forum Post: Some to the honorable protestors.

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 6, 2011, 6:58 p.m. EST by morriden (128) from Burton, MI
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A long time ago there was a true republic. A long time ago it was a civil duty as a citizen to take part in politics. If they were wealthy or if they were poor it didnt matter.. It was law. At the same time their voices were heard equally.. The speakers/orators, were punished or praised by the ideals they formed and influenced upon the republic they influenced.

What happened to this republic that our founding fathers modeled from? How far have we fallen from their heart filled desires to make a better world? When time and time again these fathers like Franklin and Jefferson warned us of the coming corruption. Ol’ how did they warn us... Look at us now!

My people, my friends.. my brothers and sisters we have been robbed of our futures and beaten down like a harp seal. All because our ancestors fell to the very greed effecting us today. We are no more in a free society, but a make shift feudalism ruled by aristocratic fabrications in their ivory towers. Sadly, we the people are no more than, we the mob. A mob kept at bay with our private electronic coliseums, our religious institutions of dualities, and sweet sweet.. golden arch breads thrown out before each televised battle.

My brothers, my sisters... its time to rise out of your couches and search for knowledge. Become merchants of light and collect as much information as you possibly can. Then, join the protests, but dont just go to NYC.. Join your protests locally, make everyone aware of your anger. Do so with respect, a mind full of knowledge, and a above all else a compassionate heart. Create constructive protests, become organized, and think before you speak. Use the education you have earned and bled for, the spirituality you developed through experiences, and most importantly of all... Tell a friend.




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[-] 1 points by doingsomething (50) from Raeford, NC 11 years ago

I agree. Wanna learn about 80 million working class rednecks and why they vote against themselves? Read Joe Bageant, "Deer hunting with Jesus". Boot on the ground stuff from a liberal who came from the working class and went back to see why.

[-] 1 points by morriden (128) from Burton, MI 11 years ago

The title was supposed to be: To the honorable protestors... sorry.