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Forum Post: Some hard strategic facts, Part 2

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 25, 2011, 6:37 p.m. EST by Owlet (99)
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A few days ago I posted on some hard strategic facts (http://occupywallst.org/forum/some-hard-strategic-facts/) which I'm sure many of you really "enjoyed" reading. To recap quickly, they were (1) We have no economic power and (2) The world doesn't feel sorry for us.

There's also fact #3 (which I'm sure is going to be very popular around here) which is:


Nope, despite what all the politicians, religious gurus and self-help people tell you, you actually don't have some kind of untapped mystical power lurking inside of you where, if you would just let it out/express it with drums or "discover" it somehow, it would drive all of Wall Street before you as you stand and laugh amazed. I liked Howard Dean, but his "You have the Power" slogan was full of shit. Or maybe he really believed it. Whatever. His followers didn't have the power after all. A bunch of OTHER bastards had the power, and they used it.

You've probably got enough power to SURVIVE what Wall Street is inflicting on you (and some people probably don't even have that much), but I have a feeling you don't want that. You want to take over a country and a global society. Cool. What you need is power you do not actually control right now. And no, you won't find it "within yourself."

You're going to have to actually lay hold of it and wrest it from the people who are currently wielding it. It is not going to just magically bubble out of you like a fine perfume. So, let's just forget this "We have the power to change everything" BS because currently you do not. You have the power to get driven like hogs out of a park in Oakland. (Those cops barely worked up a sweat and they surely didn't need whatever rubber bullets they used either - overkill.)

So, do yourselves a favor and start divesting yourselves of the great American fairy tale - that every American has some sort of mystical power residing deep within them that can do anything if you just mass yourselves together in a big crowd and do feel-good things. No, I'm afraid you're going to have to TAKE the power you need. Otherwise, you're just fantasizing until the next squad of cops shows up.



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