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Forum Post: Solution: World Citizens' Corporation

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 12, 2011, 3:18 p.m. EST by unlabeled (112)
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The list of issues with our socioeconomic system is a long one. But, I believe we are on the right track. The protests have brought to light many problems. They have lead many people to important information. I personally have learned about logical fallacies, direct democracy, the history of socialism, and the scientific studies of the conservative brain. Any of us who have researched the conservative mind, know that their fears will stand in the way of anything that is too progressive. Unfortunately, that is exactly what many of us want. In my honest opinion, we have to take the feelings of conservatives into consideration. Let them keep the current system. They can even take it back in time if they want. Frankly, I'm surprised more of them haven't joined the Amish. I have a question for any conservative that reads this. Do you really think that a system that was created over two hundred years ago, by a handful of intellectuals, is superior to anything that we can create now? Seriously? We need more rights. We need more freedom. And we need more power! You don't have to participate, just don't stand in the way. This brings me to an idea expressed by the philosopher Robert Nozick. Why not allow people to separate, to pursue these different ideals with like minded people, rather than committing everyone to doing everything together? If we allow this, we can learn from other people's mistakes. Direct democracy has already begun. The occupations themselves, are an experiment with direct democracy. Websites are popping up everywhere proclaiming their version of direct democracy. One of these website will ultimately be the best for the entire world. This is inevitable. Which gives me something to look forward to. Although, it will not be without it's problems. I want to discuss an idea that I've had for a couple of years. My intention is to offer a long term solution for OWS. I want people to consider this as a possible future and nothing more. I have seen some posts on occupywallstreet.org that have been similar to my idea. I even found a video on youtube that introduced me to participatory economics. However, none of them have been able to offer a solution sufficient enough, to allow me to scrap my own. We need to build a WORLD CITIZENS' CORPORATION . Direct Democracy is the absolute imperative first step. For a second step, we need to collectively purchase many of the major businesses of the world. Our movement will automatically be taken seriously the second that we get control of some money. Money is power! Due to the corrupting power of money, we will make everything transparent. We will vote for which businesses to buy. We will vote for any services we want to purchase for ourselves. Just think, we could fund our own universal health care. We could easily help people during a disaster. We could do many good things with this kind of power. See the full text at. http://www.occupyr.com/Strategy/thread.php?id=795 Also. Everyone needs to see this. http://www.uponlocal.com/up-on-local-media/content/logical-fallacies-trivium Logical Fallacies can be used to influence people that are unaware of them. Much of the republican and democrat propaganda take advantage of this.



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