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Forum Post: Solution for Romney AND Obama

Posted 5 years ago on Oct. 4, 2012, 11:35 a.m. EST by brightonsage (4494)
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I posted much of this in an answer to myself but you may be interested. I believe I could help both of these guys out in making their budgets work. Lets just agree to stop FOUR (4) wars. Obviously, the War in Iraq. We can say it's over, but we are still spending how much over there? And for how many years is it slated to continue? And we could lease out the embassy which is even larger than the combined footprint of Romney's houses.

Then there is this little Suicide War in Afghanistan,stan. They commit suicide to kill us. We commit suicide by being there. Then the mental consequences for the troops results in delayed suicides back home.

But then there is the War on Terror, which has cost American's more rights than al Qaeda would take from us (well nearly). You get the point. And the bloated Homeland Security is costing fortunes and TSA has caught how many active terrorists at how much per head?

And then there is Nixon's War on Drugs. The original voter suppression gambit. You all know the facts on these and that we could balance the budget without tricks if we would cancel these. Do the Google and the math.

The first three of these could reduce the military/security spending by two thirds but say we only cut $350 billion a year total? (Ten years, $3.5 trillion? ) and that is close to real money, as Dirkson used to say. Then maybe we could invest a couple of bucks in infrastructure?

Oh. and we do need to cancel carried interest, sorry Mitt, and the Corporate welfare and take away the capital gains rate above $250,000.

Problems solved. You had probably already thought of all of this, hadn't you? Start the chant: 4 LESS WARS, 4 LESS WARS....



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